SXSW Interactive – Multi Channel Communications Takeaways

Campaign Consultation, Inc. sent Danielle Ricks and Stephanie Ross to Austin, TX with Linda Brown Rivelis to attend the SXSW Interactive conference earlier this month.  Deemed “the” conference to attend above all others in all things related to social media  – it not only met, but exceeded expectations.

We are pleased to share with you a sampling of  sessions that the Campaign Consultation team attended.

Organizational Pitfalls in Multi Channel Communications, presented by: Zachary Paradise

Organizations are challenged to merge multiple, online and offline data streams whose information is needed to take care of people better.  For-profit and social benefit organizations are aware of the need to seamlessly integrate multiple social media streams — from Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc. — with offline data such as inventory, comment cards, sales, etc.

Before becoming a clear, bubbling river of useful data, they may also need to merge geo information, particularly from multi-site organizations such as WalMart, Sodexo, Red Cross, etc.

The information flow can get murky, fast.

Participants, in particular businesses, had this to say:

Stay true to your mission and  your audience.

Get internal personnel  perspectives in the problem-solving process at the beginning.  This early involvement is crucial since employees will be the ones to actually make multi-channels of information useful.

Judging by session participants’ comments, one of the greatest pitfalls occurs when organizations neglect to install strategies to co-create a positive feeling about their mission/product with both personnel and customers.

Incorporating multi channel communications is a social media plan and even bigger … it’s an organizing principal.

by: Linda Brown Rivelis, President