The Seaside Prize: Honoring Place-Makers

Seaside, Florida has been named one of the “Top 12 Destinations in the World” (Frommer’s), one of the “100 Greatest Trips in the World” (Travel + Leisure), and the “perfect place” (Conde Nast Traveler). It is also the place where Campaign Consultation’s President, Linda Brown Rivelis, is a member of the Town Council.

Seaside is known worldwide as the birthplace and epicenter of the New Urbanism movement. The founders, Robert and Daryl Davis, created and developed this beach town, thirty years ago, as a community where people could walk into town to get their morning coffee, kids could safely ride their bikes in the street, and of families could gather on their front porch at night and tell stories. A return to a more simple and sustainable life style.

“The Seaside Institute’s founding board members came up with the idea of this award to acknowledge those who had made great strides in moving the new urban movement forward. Each year, the recipient of the award is recognized at a ceremony held in Seaside … Though most years the prize has gone to an individual, there have been years where more than one person received the award. Over the years, recipients of the award have included planners, architects, writers and, in one instance, an entire town.”

Steven and Linda can be found in the bottom left corner

In January 2011, both Linda Brown Rivelis and Steven Rivelis attended the Seaside Prize Weekend. This year’s Prize Weekend included Early Leaders forums, receptions, book signings, dinners and more. The 18th annual Seaside Prize was awarded to Dhiru Thadani – an architect, urbanist, and educator who has been in practice for over 30 years, and has worked on projects on three continents. To learn more about Dhiru Thadani, please visit

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