Linda Brown Rivelis, CFRE


Greetings! I am co-founder and President of Campaign Consultation, Inc. My passion personally and professionally is creating change by helping people like you attract attention to their product, service or cause through opportunistic and instinctual marketing and promotion. In addition to attracting visibility for clients, I’ve had great success in helping groups succeed in fundraising for capital campaigns, annual giving, direct mail and other resource development related to writing the case for support, helping Boards succeed, conducting feasibility studies, etc. A Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), I have 40 years (can’t believe it!) of fundraising experience with such organizations as Johns Hopkins’ Kennedy Krieger Institute, Maryland Institute College of Art, Epilepsy Foundation and American Red Cross.

A professional highlight of my work with American Red Cross includes leading volunteers to Arolsen, Germany. Our task was to negotiate a new tracing pathway between International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) to American Red Cross. The goal remains to have a dedicated tracing service that links Holocaust and War victim survivors, families and friends with the information found on records of people who died in the camps, factories, etc. Agreement was achieved and I remain grateful to have had a founding role in …Learn More

Steven Rivelis

Chief Executive Officer

We are living in a new age, which requires a new body of knowledge, a new way of thinking, and a new set of strategies to address today’s complex interrelated challenges. Campaign Consultation is equipped to help individuals and systems advance their agenda in this ultra-quick-changing environment.

I have been helping people adapt to change and meet goals for over a quarter of a century. I have provided marketing and message development assistance to NASA, Youth Build USA and AmeriCorps VISTA; strategic and action planning assistance to Population Action International and Family Care International; and diversity training/coaching to the International Monetary Fund, ChevronTexaco, and the University of Washington – School of Medicine.

My consultations have ranged from civic and business leaders in Central America and Africa, to those in the Middle East and post-Soviet nations, developing tools and techniques for creating social change using our “Winning Movements” curriculum. Three of my proudest achievements has been the drafting and successfully lobbying for the passage of the nation’s first Motor Voter Registration law, helping to codify the Roe v Wade decision protecting reproductive rights in Maryland, and working to win passage of Question 6 – the “same sex” marriage referendum in Maryland. …Learn More

Arthurine Walker


My personal passion and professional goal has been to address issues of social and economic inequity. As a skilled trainer and facilitator with 25 years of professional experience in community organizing and development, I bring these skills to Campaign Consultation in my work with the Social Innovation Fund Service through webinar presentations, conference logistical support, online platform administration and development of communications and outreach materials.

Over the course of my tenure at Campaign Consultation, I have managed our work with the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service, helping citizens to engage more in their communities to help unravel some today’s most complex social issues, particularly around economic opportunity. I’ve utilized my background in community organizing to create Building a Blueprint for Change, an online manual designed to help city leaders develop a comprehensive service plan to place volunteers with organizations that meet critical needs in the community. My knowledge of communications and marketing helped to build and deliver three Communicators Institutes to assist national service grantees in telling their story through traditional and social media. I assisted with the launch of the White House Council for Community Solutions and provided on-going support for the Council’s work. I also …Learn More

Demetria Barrett

Finance and Operations Manager

I have an affinity with nonprofits and small businesses. My commitment to making a change, growing small businesses and volunteering my skills are recognized throughout Baltimore City. In addition, I have a seasoned background in financial accounting, internal audits and OMB Regulations. Prior to joining Campaign Consultation, I worked for Surgi-Center, Hamilton Associates, Peak Technologies and as a financial consultant with the Barrett Masterson Group.

As Finance and Operations Manager, I am responsible for managing all functions pertaining to finance, human resources, and operations necessary to maintain an effective, efficient, and sound corporate environment.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Financial Accounting from the University of Phoenix where the concept of team work was cultivated into a way of life. I am committed to Campaign Consultation’s mission of helping clients create and sustain specific outcomes. …Learn More

Viviana Aguilar


Viviana Aguilar has more than 20 years’ experience in education. As an educational planner/trainer for the National Origin Desegregation Assistance Center (NODAC) in Portland, Oregon and Honolulu, Hawai’i, Ms. Aguilar provided technical assistance and training to school system communities on educational equity issues throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Basin. After her work with NODAC, Viviana continued as a consultant working in both the Pacific and the U.S. mainland, providing assistance in education-related areas.

Ms. Aguilar has participated in numerous projects advocating educational equity for communities commonly regarded as marginalized by mainstream society. As an independent consultant for the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), the National MultiCultural Institute (NMCI), the Corporation for National Service (CNS), and other CNS contractors, she has worked with community groups and national service programs across the country in substance abuse prevention, cross-cultural collaboration, cultural diversity awareness, and literacy education.

Internationally, Viviana Aguilar served on the team who facilitated the development of Yap State’s Five Year Education Plan in the Federated States of Micronesia. She was also a member of the team from the University of Guam contracted by the U.S. Department of Interior to assess the social, political, and economic impact the Compacts …Learn More

John Bird


John Bird has provided training, consultation and evaluation and substance abuse prevention and treatment for over ten years. His clients have included State and Federal Agencies, Native American tribes, non- profit agencies and major corporations.

Mr. Bird served on the core curriculum development team that developed and is providing training for the Gathering of Native Americans (GONA), a community development and healing process for Native American communities. He is was also a facilitator on The Texaco Learning Experience and has provided consultation services to the National Multi-Cultural Institute, The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and NASA. John Bird is a member of the Blackfoot Tribe of Montana. …Learn More

Catherine Blinder


Catherine Blinder has extensive hands-on experience in the areas of marketing and media relations. She served for nine years as Press and Public Relations Officer for the Connecticut State Commission on Women and spent four years as Public Relations Coordinator for Planned Parenthood of Connecticut.

She has worked with various community development initiatives, as Campaign Manager and Press Coordinator for the International Center for Development Policy and as Chair of Smith College’s Town and Gown Committee. A free lance writer, Catherine Blinder’s work has appeared in The Hartford Courant and various national magazines. She is currently working on a children’s book dealing with natural childbirth. …Learn More

Elizabeth Burden


Elizabeth Burden has an extremely diverse background. She has worked in health-related nonprofit organizations, at community newspapers, at television and radio stations, at a museum, and as a self-employed consultant. Currently she works as the Public Information Officer for the Tucson-Pima Public Library system in Arizona, where she is in charge of marketing and media relations.

The thread that runs through her work is “change”–each of her positions has involved working to positively impact people’s lives–through social change, and through the messages of the arts and humanities, and the media. …Learn More

David Carillo


An experienced trainer and group facilitator for 25 years, David Carillo is recognized as a leader in the field of multicultural advocacy. His extensive experience includes work in organizational development, risk assessment/management, strategic planning, executive coaching, advocacy, mediation, curriculum development, program planning and management, and marketing and media outreach and cultural awareness.

David Carillo has worked with program coordination, monitoring, and evaluation and assessment at community, state, and national levels. He has been a facilitator with large corporate efforts, including the Texaco diversity training team.

In all of his work, David has been an effective advocate for a variety of American Indian tribal and multicultural perspectives. In addition to training and consulting, he has extensive experience in juvenile and adult corrections, counseling and alcohol and substance abuse prevention. …Learn More

Cynthia Perry Colebrook, CFRE


A fund-raising professional for over twelve years, Cynthia Perry Colebrook has served major cultural institutions, hospitals and social service agencies. Her areas of expertise include developing and implementing strategic plans with startup organizations; board recruitment and training; and special event design and management. She was the first Director of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, and directed a $32 million campaign to build the city’s Contemporary Arts Center.

As a volunteer, she has served as chair of a Regional Greenspace Initiative, a partnership with the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments, and as a facilitator through the Metropolitan Growth Alliance for public involvement in a regional transit planning process. …Learn More