A Message from Baltimore Public School System CEO

More School Choice for Families and Students

Dear City Schools Colleagues, Staff, Partners and Friends,

I am pleased to share with you some important news for the students and families of Baltimore City Public Schools. This week, the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners moved City Schools a big step closer to being a school system where all Baltimore City families have school options that meet their children’s interests and needs, no matter where they live.

The Board voted to extend school choice to 5th-grade students for middle school in 2010-11, opening the way for many more students to choose schools for next year where they are likely to succeed.

Our prospective high school students are already choosing their high schools, and many rising middle school students at charter and Transformation Schools are exercising school choice. The Board’s action will give more 5th-grade students that same chance to attend schools that interest and work for them. For details on the middle school choice process, please click here.

It is critical that all Baltimore families with rising middle-grade students know about the school options available to their children for 2010-11. In the weeks ahead, City Schools will publish a Middle School Guide with profiles of the schools participating in the middle school choice process. It will also hold a Middle School Fair on April 10 to showcase students’ various options, and in the latter half of April, middle schools will hold open houses. The application deadline for middle school choice is April 30.

Please help City Schools spread the word about middle school choice, so that all of our students know their options and have the chance to attend the best possible school for them next year.

Thank you. And thank you for all you do for our kids and our schools.

Andrés A. Alonso, Ed.D.CEO, Baltimore City Public Schools