4Q6 (For Question 6)

With only six weeks remaining in the For Question 6 campaign, there was a critical need to expand the reach of Marylanders for Marriage Equality beyond a core circle of stakeholders to a larger audience of supporters.

Toward this end, Campaign Consultation, Inc. was asked to help advance a series of strategic outreach interventions, including the launch of the Million Conversations campaign and a broader use of social media to help spread the word about Question 6, the Equal Marriage Amendment, on the upcoming election ballot. Coalition members, contributors, like-minded organizations, elected officials, student groups, LGBT veteran and military organizations, and others were coached and encouraged to use viral organizing tools to enhance visibility, build momentum and increase direct access to an ever increasing number of supporters.

In addition, Campaign Consultation was invited to meet with senior White House staff to discuss outreach and visibility needs and options. Soon thereafter, Campaign was extremely pleased when the President spoke out in support of Question 6. On election day, more than 1.3 million Marylanders (52.4% of those voting) said “yes” to equality and “yes” to LGBT families. As a result, Maryland became the first state to pass marriage equality at the ballot …Learn More

Baltimore Arabbers

The Arabbers are a link between Baltimore’s past and its future. Arabbers use horses and brightly painted wagons to distribute produce and – much like the ice cream truck – attrract people to come out of their houses into the street with jingling bells and called out greetings. They represent generations of vendors whose fruit and vegetables are made available to people in neighborhoods throughout the city.

In 2007, this way of life was threatened when stables were condemned and horses were moved to temporary shelters. Campaign Consultation jumped in to help the Arabbers make their case to city officials, attract volunteer leadership, and serve as a conduit to legal representation, equine expertise, and other professional services.

Since then, we have continued to provide support in crafting outreach and fundraising plans to ensure this chunk of Baltimore heritage is not lost to the history books. …Learn More

Brazil – S Corporations

Campaign Consultation designed and delivered two training sessions for approximately 80 local nonprofit leaders in Sao Paulo,  Brazil. One session focused on best practices for training others in social advocacy, including tactics to foster creativity and idea exchange. Campaign Consultation also delivered a training session on organizing and delivering citizen-driven social advocacy. These sessions were jointly sponsored by the Bank of Brazil, SENAC – Sao Paulo, the United States Consulate, and Johns Hopkins University. …Learn More

CADCA Sustainability Institute

Campaign Consultation, Inc. was asked to facilitate The Sustainability Institute within the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) annual Mid-Year Training Institute. Designed to help increase awareness, knowledge and skills in the areas of fund raising and communication, this institute focused on the end goal of strengthening the sustainability of community-based coalitions.

This four-day institute featured workshops on topics including writing, revelry, research, resources (web, print, etc), making presentations, and visibility. Participants were encouraged to choose a specific track for the institute: fund raising or communications. Each track had three, three hour workshops. Regardless of the track they chose, participants received a manual that included the materials from all of the workshops. …Learn More

Campaign Consultation Named One of the Top Companies in America

Campaign Consultation, Inc. has officially been recognized as “One of the top 500/5000 companies in America” by Inc. Magazine.

“This honor and accomplishment could not have been achieved without our skilled staff and collaborative clients who have a shared passion for advancing social change, commitment to excellence, and ability to help bend the universe toward social justice”, says Campaign Consultation CEO, Steven Rivelis.

As an Inc. 500|5000 honoree, Campaign Consultation now shares a pedigree with Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Jamba Juice, Timberland, Patagonia, Microsoft, Pandora, and other notable alumni. In addition to Campaign Consultation, the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 list also added Levi Strauss and a little social media company called Facebook.

President Linda Brown Rivelis adds, “As Entrepreneurs for Social Change™, we recognize it’s quite a feat to earn a spot on this list, especially in these challenging economic times. It feels good to have our social-profit work recognized alongside the nation’s top for-profit companies.”

The 2012 Inc. 500|5000 ranked companies based on percentage growth rate from 2008 to 2011. Despite the deep recession that began in 2008, median growth rate of the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 companies, over a three-year period, stood at an impressive 97 percent. Companies on this …Learn More

Charles Village Parade

The most successful and sustainable community development campaigns are linked to five strategic factors, known as the Five Cs: Community, Connections, Control, Cash, and Collective Action. These factors are based on an examination of 150 years of research and field experience.

Putting research to action, Campaign Consultation CEO, Steven Rivelis, organized the first Charles Village Parade in 1998, in the Baltimore City neighborhood where he lives and worked. The goal of the parade was to help generate a sense of community and forge deeper connections within the community–two of the key five strategic factors.

This award winning parade included youth marching bands, art cars from as far away as Texas, FiFi the 50 foot tall pink poodle, a wide array of diverse community groups, and village noise makers.

Delighting the crowd that gathered along St. Paul and Charles Streets, the Charles Village Parade was a highlight of the Charles Village Festival, held annually on the first weekend in June.

  …Learn More

Chevron Texaco Diversity Awareness Training

In 1997, Texaco, prior to its merger with Chevron, received national publicity due to a lawsuit related to remarks made by members of its management that demonstrated racial bias. Texaco hired Campaign Consultation to develop and provide training and coaching opportunities for managers and supervisors.

In addition, Campaign Consultation was hired by Chevron/Texaco to design, develop and deliver the Diversity Awareness Learning Experience to corporate executives and field employees throughout the United States. The training included such topics as:

  • Dynamics of Diversity focuses on concepts such as defining what diversity awareness is and is not, understanding the difference between intent and impact in a diversity context, and exploring the dimensions and depths of diversity.
  • Perceptions and Assumptions helps participants to explore how their past experiences help to shape their perceptions and assumptions of difference.
  • Creating Better Working Relationships provides participants with strategies to overcome issues by incorporating a value for diversity and the strengths it can bring to an organization.

As a result of the learning experience, participants gained a greater understanding and appreciation of diversity and strategies necessary to achieving a high-performing workplace. …Learn More

Communicators Institute

To assist constituent groups with addressing a variety of communications needs, Campaign Consultation designs and delivers day-long training events called Communicators Institutes. These events are for those engaged in any aspect of communications at an organization — from writing emails for an external audience to being interviewed by the media. The institutes can be tailored for the target audience and may include the following:

  • Fear of Frying (spokesperson/media skills training)
  • Building Media Relations
  • Telling Your Story – the Art of Communication
  • Cutting Edge Media (use of the latest social media tools and techniques)
  • Critique Clinic (review and feedback on print publications and websites)
  • Boosting Your Brand
  • Obstacles and Opportunities in Communications
  • Communications Action Planning

A Communicators Institute may combine workshops of varying lengths, including some speed dating sessions in which participants move from station-to-station getting advice on specific challenges from both an expert station facilitator as well as from peers, who are also at that speed dating station. Speed dating sessions are generally 20-30 minutes each and may include 4-5 topics/stations.

The Communicators Institutes are designed to help participants to create effective communications plans, raise public awareness and visibility about their program or initiative, hone their media skills, enliven publications, …Learn More


In 1991, the Republic of Benin transitioned from a dictatorship to a democracy. The Center for Research and Action for Development Initiative Basics (CRADIB) is an aid organization striving to assist Benin’s citizens through skill development, training, and education. CRADIB helped citizens construct buildings, roads, and hospitals, led trainings on business management, and funded schools fees and healthcare for children. In order to help them continue their important work, Campaign Consultation strategized with CRADIB about potential funding sources and effective sustainability practices. Campaign Consultation also developed worksheets and timelines to assist CRADIB in planning for future project management. …Learn More

Family Care International

Family Care International is dedicated to improving women’s reproductive health around the world. Campaign Consultation united this organization’s international offices in Africa and Latin America through communication and sustainability training. These trainings highlighted ways to build stronger on-the-ground partnerships and enhance their positions in the international arena, thereby increasing their visibility to potential funders and supporters of their cause. …Learn More