International Multicultural Institute (iMCI)

In 2013, the National MultiCultural Institute took its mission of bringing diversity and inclusion awareness across national borders by becoming the International MultiCultural Institute (iMCI). As a member of NMCI’s faculty for over 20 years, Steven Rivelis, Campaign Consultation CEO, provided strategic assessment and communication intervention to assist iMCI in broadening its outreach efforts on an international scale. These initiatives highlighted iMCI’s position as a leader in global education, training, innovation, advocacy, and research for international matters of diversity and inclusion.

Among the trainings that Steven Rivelis provided for NMCI was the co-facilitation of a Training of Trainers/Facilitators (TOT/F) session, sponsored by Microsoft, at the National MultiCultural Institute’s Diversity Leadership Conference [November 2010]. This 3 day hands-on learning program provided the participants with an opportunity to enhance their awareness, knowledge and skills related to diversity, inclusion, cross-cultural communication, being a diversity champion, and cultural competency.

The TOT/F session focused on assessing one’s readiness to conduct diversity training, designing a diversity agenda, curriculum adaptation, and the skills required to facilitate an effective diversity learning program. The participants also received coaching tips and individual feedback.

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