Charles Village Parade

The most successful and sustainable community development campaigns are linked to five strategic factors, known as the Five Cs: Community, Connections, Control, Cash, and Collective Action. These factors are based on an examination of 150 years of research and field experience.

Putting research to action, Campaign Consultation CEO, Steven Rivelis, organized the first Charles Village Parade in 1998, in the Baltimore City neighborhood where he lives and worked. The goal of the parade was to help generate a sense of community and forge deeper connections within the community–two of the key five strategic factors.

This award winning parade included youth marching bands, art cars from as far away as Texas, FiFi the 50 foot tall pink poodle, a wide array of diverse community groups, and village noise makers.

Delighting the crowd that gathered along St. Paul and Charles Streets, the Charles Village Parade was a highlight of the Charles Village Festival, held annually on the first weekend in June.