Chevron Texaco Diversity Awareness Training

In 1997, Texaco, prior to its merger with Chevron, received national publicity due to a lawsuit related to remarks made by members of its management that demonstrated racial bias. Texaco hired Campaign Consultation to develop and provide training and coaching opportunities for managers and supervisors.

In addition, Campaign Consultation was hired by Chevron/Texaco to design, develop and deliver the Diversity Awareness Learning Experience to corporate executives and field employees throughout the United States. The training included such topics as:

  • Dynamics of Diversity focuses on concepts such as defining what diversity awareness is and is not, understanding the difference between intent and impact in a diversity context, and exploring the dimensions and depths of diversity.
  • Perceptions and Assumptions helps participants to explore how their past experiences help to shape their perceptions and assumptions of difference.
  • Creating Better Working Relationships provides participants with strategies to overcome issues by incorporating a value for diversity and the strengths it can bring to an organization.

As a result of the learning experience, participants gained a greater understanding and appreciation of diversity and strategies necessary to achieving a high-performing workplace.