Campaign Consultation believes in walking our talk. Our work with clients involves advancing social change agendas, and that value is also an integral part of our corporate culture. In the spirit of being entrepreneurs for social change, Campaign Consultation, Inc. started its own GIVE 5 initiative in 1990. Through this annual program, Campaign Consultation shares five percent of its pretax profits with employees and another five percent with social causes and social profit organizations selected by employees. Each team member is encouraged to make a pitch for one or more causes along with an amount that they believe would make a difference for their selected organization(s). GIVE 5 recipients have included:


At times, our support goes beyond just financial. In late 2009, Campaign Consultation employees agreed to contribute three days each to help renovate our community’s historic Firehouse #31, which had been closed for repairs since mid-2009, as well as conduct fundraising and social media outreach to ensure the project’s success. Campaign Consultation matched the team’s efforts with a cash contribution. In May 2010, Firehouse #31 reopened to serve our neighborhood once more.

Since the beginning, our GIVE 5 program has been deeply enjoyed and well received–by the company, our employees and the recipients!