LLIFE ™ (Living Legacy Initiative For Entrepreneurs) translates an individual’s engaged business interest into personal philanthropic purpose. LLIFE™ is ready to help you apply your entrepreneurial skills used in business to invest in social, educational, and cultural change initiatives at home or abroad.

With you as the primary customer, LLIFE™ provides the knowledge support for your strategic humanitarian decision-making. Your legacy plans come first, before any charitable organization. Legacy consultation includes rigorous research, creative response ideas and out-of-the-box action to achieve outcomes for communities and people in need locally, nationally and worldwide. You can use any one or all of LLIFE™ services as outlined in the following 5 stages …


Stage 1:

Complete the Living Legacy GPS Guidebook

Your LLIFE guide will

Stage 2:

Review and discuss your Living Legacy GPS Guidebook responses. Explore your top 3 causes for research purposes.

Stage 3:

Research, compile findings, provide analysis and discuss organizations, entities, and other interventions to address your top cause interests.

Stage 4:

Prepare tailored information survey questions. Interview (distance and/or on-site) prospects and assess their responses. Compile and review report with recommendations. Provide support in grantee selection.

Stage 5:

Determine preferred method of offering support and then implement.

For more information on how LLIFE™ can help you establish your living legacy through entrepreneurial philanthropy, contact Linda Brown Rivelis at 410.243.7979