George Washington University Advance

In 2013, Campaign Consultation facilitated the first All Staff Advance for the Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service at the George Washington University. Through a series of activities and discussions aimed at uncovering the hidden assets of staff members, and building on past successes, Campaign Consultation supported their exploration of the university’s strategic plan, adjustment of the Center’s own plan, and strategic planning and goal setting around how current initiatives might better meet intended outcomes. …Learn More

George Washington University Freshman Day of Service

George Washington University (GWU) annually engages its freshman class in a day of service following its Freshman Convocation. Campaign Consultation assisted the university in developing the 2013 Freshman Convocation and Day of Service by working with student and staff leaders at GWU to conduct an outreach campaign to hundreds of local nonprofits to engage more than 2,000 students in service. The Campaign Consultation staff trained student leaders in organizing the event including orienting students, managing student volunteers on site, and providing an opportunity for students to reflect on their service after the event. Campaign Consultation also developed a Twitter training designed to provide information/instructions for student leaders on how to use Twitter and Facebook to share their Freshman Day of Service story with text and photos. For students who were new to Twitter, a resource was developed to assist them in joining Twitter and sharing photos and insights about their service experience. …Learn More


Campaign Consultation believes in walking our talk. Our work with clients involves advancing social change agendas, and that value is also an integral part of our corporate culture. In the spirit of being entrepreneurs for social change, Campaign Consultation, Inc. started its own GIVE 5 initiative in 1990. Through this annual program, Campaign Consultation shares five percent of its pretax profits with employees and another five percent with social causes and social profit organizations selected by employees. Each team member is encouraged to make a pitch for one or more causes along with an amount that they believe would make a difference for their selected organization(s). GIVE 5 recipients have included:

Hands Across the Sand

Campaign Consultation, Inc had the honor of partnering with the recent global movement Hands Across the Sand, which took place on June 26, 2010.

As the social media / viral organizer, Campaign Consultation helped turn what originated as a Florida statewide event — which included over 10,000 people on nearly 100 beaches on February 12, 2010 — into a worldwide movement with more than 100,000 participants in 901 locations.

Already, Hands Across the Sand has attracted massive national media attention with articles in the New York Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, Huffington Post, plus it’s been featured twice on the front page of

Campaign Consultation had the privilege to work alongside key organizational sponsors which included: Sierra Club, Surfrider Foundation, Audubon,Oceana, Greenpeace,, 350, Environmental America, Friends of the Earth, Ocean Conservancy, Center for Biological Diversity, 1 Sky,Energy Action Coalition, Defenders of Wildlife, Rainforest Action Network, Clean Water Action, Endangered Species Coalition, Earth Day 2010 and Spawn. …Learn More

Horizonti Foundation – Georgia [Rose Campaign]

After the break-up of the former USSR, Campaign Consultation coached civic leaders from the Republic of Georgia on citizen mobilization skills and citizen engagement strategies. Working with the Horizonti Foundation, a group working to enhance civic participation and NGO involvement in Georgia, Campaign Consultation crafted a week-long learning program which included participants selecting a topic and then practicing the art and science of message development, petition drives, media relations, public event planning, issue advocacy, grassroots organizing and social policy development. The skills that were honed during the training were used to peacefully force the resignation of Georgian government officials, establish a transitional government, schedule a recall election and elect a new national leader. This peaceful transition became known as the Rose Revolution. …Learn More

International Multicultural Institute (iMCI)

In 2013, the National MultiCultural Institute took its mission of bringing diversity and inclusion awareness across national borders by becoming the International MultiCultural Institute (iMCI). As a member of NMCI’s faculty for over 20 years, Steven Rivelis, Campaign Consultation CEO, provided strategic assessment and communication intervention to assist iMCI in broadening its outreach efforts on an international scale. These initiatives highlighted iMCI’s position as a leader in global education, training, innovation, advocacy, and research for international matters of diversity and inclusion.

Among the trainings that Steven Rivelis provided for NMCI was the co-facilitation of a Training of Trainers/Facilitators (TOT/F) session, sponsored by Microsoft, at the National MultiCultural Institute’s Diversity Leadership Conference [November 2010]. This 3 day hands-on learning program provided the participants with an opportunity to enhance their awareness, knowledge and skills related to diversity, inclusion, cross-cultural communication, being a diversity champion, and cultural competency.

The TOT/F session focused on assessing one’s readiness to conduct diversity training, designing a diversity agenda, curriculum adaptation, and the skills required to facilitate an effective diversity learning program. The participants also received coaching tips and individual feedback.

Interested in diversity training for your company, organization or community? Steven Rivelis and other Campaign Consultation team …Learn More

Let’s Read. Let’s Move.

Let’s Read. Let’s Move. is a summer initiative of the Let’s Move campaign that calls on Americans to participate in combating summer reading loss and childhood obesity through volunteering and service during the summer months. The initiative is a collaboration of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move, and several federal agencies including the Corporation for National and Community Service; the US Departments of Education, the Interior, Health and Human Services, and Agriculture; and the US Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Campaign Consultation designed and developed the initiative’s website. Our team wrote the content and created the design for this important initiative to combat childhood obesity and summer reading loss by encouraging youth to read and participate in physical activity, as well as providing access to healthy, affordable food. Campaign Consultation also created collateral material for Let’s Read. Let’s Move. including fact sheets, posters, bookmarks, bumper stickers and a backpack design. Additionally, Campaign created an electronic poster to encourage federal employees to participate in the President’s Active Lifestyle Challenge — one aspect of the Let’s Move initiative. …Learn More


LLIFE ™ (Living Legacy Initiative For Entrepreneurs) translates an individual’s engaged business interest into personal philanthropic purpose. LLIFE™ is ready to help you apply your entrepreneurial skills used in business to invest in social, educational, and cultural change initiatives at home or abroad.

With you as the primary customer, LLIFE™ provides the knowledge support for your strategic humanitarian decision-making. Your legacy plans come first, before any charitable organization. Legacy consultation includes rigorous research, creative response ideas and out-of-the-box action to achieve outcomes for communities and people in need locally, nationally and worldwide. You can use any one or all of LLIFE™ services as outlined in the following 5 stages …


Stage 1:

Complete the Living Legacy GPS Guidebook

Your LLIFE guide will

Stage 2:

Review and discuss your Living Legacy GPS Guidebook responses. Explore your top 3 causes for research purposes.

Stage 3:

Research, compile findings, provide analysis and discuss organizations, entities, and other interventions to address your top cause interests.

Stage 4:

Prepare tailored information survey questions. Interview (distance and/or on-site) prospects and assess their responses. Compile and review report with recommendations. Provide support in grantee selection.

Stage 5:

Determine preferred method of offering …Learn More

Martin Luther King, Jr., National Day of Service

The Martin Luther King, Jr., National Day of Service provides an opportunity for communities to come together to honor Dr. King’s life and teachings through service. Since 2008, Campaign Consultation has worked with the Corporation for National and Community Service to assist stakeholders across the nation with planning and developing community-wide service initiatives that address our nation’s most challenging social problems.

Campaign Consultation has provided constituent groups with project support services through the content and technical design and development of a website with many tools and resources, webinars, online newsletters, planning toolkits and guides, and social media support. We provided training for volunteers on the use of social media to further promote MLK Day and to deliver real-time updates from the field on MLK Day. As a result, MLK Day, as a national day of service, continues to grow annually with hundreds of thousands of Americans in all 50 states participating in over 10,000 projects–making the MLK Day of Service truly “a day on, not a day off.”

The training and technical assistance provided by Campaign Consultation is designed to assist nonprofit organizations and communities with creating projects that will advance their overall goals for the community, contribute to sustaining …Learn More

National Partnership for Action

The National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities (NPA) is a national movement that aims to increase the effectiveness of health equity programs through the coordination of partners, leaders, and stakeholders committed to action.

Health disparities are differences closely linked with social, economic, and/or environmental disadvantage. Campaign Consultation Inc. is honored to serve as the communications technical assistance provider for the NPA, a collaboration of the Office of Minority Health of the US Department of Health and Human Services, a team of federal agencies known as the Federal Interagency Health Equity Team (FIHET), and ten Regional Health Equity Councils (RHEC) across the country. Campaign Consultation is providing outreach and communications support to raise awareness about health disparities among various constituent groups and potential partners.

Campaign Consultation has developed communications resources, including infographics, to help NPA partners raise awareness, educate potential leaders and partners about health disparities and the social factors that influence health. The infographics visually demonstrate how the conditions in which people live, learn, work, pray, and play influence health outcomes for specific population groups. Through our work with the Office of Minority Health, the FIHET, and RHECs, Campaign Consultation cultivates tools, materials and strategies that can be …Learn More