AFP – Annual Giving with Millenials

What hasn’t changed …

  • People don’t give gifts, they support causes
  • Bad data base/list results in bad annual fund – clean and segment files
  • If you don’t ask, you don’t get
  • If you don’t thank, you don’t get renewal

What’s not working anymore with Gen X/Y…

  • Standard line phone, address, email aren’t enough … Need cell phone numbers for text messaging.  Ask for mobile numbers on website donation form and telemarketing forms
  • Regular unrestricted annual fund campaigns … Push for choice/restricted gifts, activism through social networking
  • Past communication technique … Use social media and send message to campaign list and ask for people to follow

General Marketing has been …

  • Developing message
  • Identifying channels
  • Conducting transactions
  • Being good stewards of contributions
  • Building giving amounts and renewals

In addition, need to understand and build in data mining to accommodate Generation X and Y (19-37 years) as …

  • Tech savvy and caffeinated by multi-media
  • Of the mind that activism, volunteerism and donating go hand-in-hand as one unit, not separate
  • Communication patterns spike in  – Early am with face-to-face;  Mid-day with postings, tweets and texts; Evening with face-to-face
  • Social relevance is key – make your desired impact clear
  • Peer/customer reviews are desired  — adopt star-like system such as iTunes rating
  • Make it easy … American Red Cross and its online 2009 holiday gift catalog giving approach modeled after shopping cart.
  • Make it cool and sorta “underground” where Millennials share “I discovered a really cool giving catalog, etc.” and pass it on.
  • Ask for advice and let constituents help you improve organization.
  • Address millennial known procrastination tendencies by building in micro-goals — breakdown overall annual goal into monthly and weekly micro goals

Understand and adjust to young donors wanting things their way … Some similarities with Boomers.

by: Linda Brown Rivelis, President