AFP – Planned Giving

Planned giving refers to donors (usually major and long-time supporters) who, during their lifetime, plan on leaving gifts to favorite causes after they die.  Upon death, proceeds from these planned or deferred gifts are distributed to the designated tax-exempt organization.  Here are some planned giving ideas:

— Offer donors the gift option of donating their IRA as a planned gift

— Vital for both donor and NPO to have a signed Declaration of Intent.  Such a document includes information as to …

  • whether the gift is restricted or unrestricted
  • what kind of planned gift channel – i.e., bequest, life insurance policy, securities, trust, etc.
  • recognition preference to help encourage others to make an exemplary commitment.

Click here for a sample declaration of intent and edit to fit your cause’s deferred giving program.

— Cultivation schedule for a new and current planned gift donors can include initial recognition email, annual report, newsletter, anniversary note, birthday card, class picture (new members only), etc.

Click here for an example of AFP ‘s Omega Circle recognition site.  Tailor this information to your planned giving program.


Posted by: Linda Brown Rivelis, President