SXSW Agile Apps

App Programming:

The following recap is a layperson’s translation in an attempt to understand concepts … double-check veracity and feel free to edit these points.

1. Develop program in modular format, easier to update

2. Create and tailor objects with client’s data needs … a data-driven approach

3. Iterate and build app design quickly and automatically

4. Go for low fidelity with minimal functionality at first

5. Build in agile activity where app presents a framework vs. a set of static features – i.e., user uploads a photo for their profile and it also automatically posts to Facebook, etc.

6. Easy to change and the tools to build

7. Do the design first and build out functional prototype

8 Good design is an emergent activity, done in phases where it’s program is used, updated, used again and updated again

9. Core point is to get results in front of client as soon as possible

Exception … GAMES

Require development of a whole system in total … Can’t build half a game in a modular format