Campaign Consultation Attends DC Week Pro Bono Lounge

How did you get involved in the Bro bono lounge?

As a Finance Manager, I wanted to both represent Campaign Consultation, Inc. and donate my expertise in new accounting software and applications. I use a variety of applications to manage our finances and operations.  The Tech World is making a major impact on those of us who are not Techies.

Who did you talk to?

I spoke with Debbie Carter, the Director of Program Operations for New Futures, which is a non-profit that gives scholarships to underserved students who face social challenges.  The wonderful concept about this non-profit is that they provide an opportunity to students who are working hard but who may not qualify for an academic scholarship.

What kind of help were they looking for?

Ms. Carter wanted to create financial reports her board member would quickly understand while correctly displaying the company’s financial position.  We discussed journal entry types and layouts for a company’s statement of operations, activities, and financial positioning.

You’re not a Techie, but you have valuable information to share. Are you glad you participated?

Yes, I am glad I participated.  This experience made me realize not everyone knows what I know.  I always assume that what I know is common knowledge. This is not always the case.  I really need to stop assuming.

And, Campaign Consultation, Inc. is a community oriented corporation with a strong community presence.  By donating our talents, we are contributing to the greatness of others.  When we help others, we are truly helping the universe.

What would you like DCWEEK to do differently next year for the Bro bono lounge?

I would like to see better information about the companies Pro Bono Lounge will serve.  This would give the volunteers insight into who they will be serving, so they could come with the materials that help them serve better and more efficiently— and, ultimately, serve more companies.