Andrea Visits Iceland

A few weeks ago I used the travel voucher from Linda Steven Rivelis to visit the wonderful and magical country of Iceland. While there I saw some of the most beautiful and fascinating landscapes I’ve ever seen. I also had the opportunity to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, which are truly incredible. When I asked a native Icelander if they were still amazed by the Northern Lights, even though they can usually see them on any given clear night, they responded that while they still find them beautiful they generally don’t notice them unless they are around tourists.

Every place has something incredible or unique about it. It may even be so great that people travel from all over the world to see it. This exchange reminded me that while it’s great to travel and experience new things, it’s important not to take for granted the wonderful people, places, and natural beauty that exist right here where I live.

Andrea Perri
Project Specialist
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Thank and GIVE 5: Strategic Philanthropy Done Right

It’s November,a time to give thanks,which many of us do by giving to others. At Campaign Consultation,Inc. founders Linda Brown Rivelis,President,and Steven Rivelis,CEO,have woven the spirit of giving into the fabric of their business and celebrated the season through its GIVE 5 initiative.

Through this annual program,Campaign Consultation grants five percent of its pre-tax profits to social causes and social profit organizations selected by employees.

Each employee pitches a proposal for a cause or organization about which they are passionate and makes a recommendation for an amount that they believe would make a difference for their selected organization(s).

This model of strategic philanthropy allows Campaign Consultation,Inc. to give back to communities,but also to learn to apply our core competencies in new areas and improve employee morale. This approach strikes a balance between meeting the needs of the company and those of the beneficiaries. Since the beginning,the Give 5 program has been deeply enjoyed and well received–by the company,our employees and the recipients. Stay tuned to find out to which organizations Campaign Consultation will be contributing. Announcements will be made in December.

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LLIFE™ – Living Legacy Initiative for Entrepreneurs has a new website!

A product of Campaign Consultation, the concept of LLIFE ™ Living Legacy Initiative for Entrepreneurs – emerged when Steven and Linda Brown Rivelis were in Prague and coverage over Warren Buffet giving $32 billion to the Gates Foundation erupted on all news outlets.  They witnessed firsthand the international brouhaha regarding Buffet’s philosophy that “giving is every person’s responsibility”.   It occurred to them – separate from organization mission or departmental goals – a singularly focused service, dedicated to the individual entrepreneur to achieve their personal philanthropic passion, could fulfill a need.

Then seven months later, Campaign Consultation was named one of the top 100 inner city companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine.  Shortly after a Harvard symposium and award ceremony, Inc. Magazine asked Campaign Consultation to present on corporate citizenship at their Inc. 500 conference with founders and CEOs of such companies as Newman’s Own, Burt’s Bees, Honest Tea and Under Armor.  As if to confirm Linda and Steven’s earlier hunch, private business owners began asking for help to map their personal philanthropic initiatives.   Thanks to Buffet, Gates and feedback from many business leaders, Campaign Consultation founded LLIFE ™.

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Campaign Consultation Named One of the Top Companies in America

Campaign Consultation, Inc. has officially been recognized as “One of the top 500/5000 companies in America” by Inc. Magazine.

“This honor and accomplishment could not have been achieved without our skilled staff and collaborative clients who have a shared passion for advancing social change, commitment to excellence, and ability to help bend the universe toward social justice”, says Campaign Consultation CEO, Steven Rivelis.

As an Inc. 500|5000 honoree, Campaign Consultation now shares a pedigree with Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Jamba Juice, Timberland, Patagonia, Microsoft, Pandora, and other notable alumni.  In addition to Campaign Consultation, the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 list also added Levi Strauss and a little social media company called Facebook.

President Linda Brown Rivelis adds, “As Entrepreneurs for Social Change™, we recognize it’s quite a feat to earn a spot on this list, especially in these challenging economic times.  It feels good to have our social-profit work recognized alongside the nation’s top for-profit companies.”

The 2012 Inc. 500|5000 ranked companies based on percentage growth rate from 2008 to 2011. Despite the deep recession that began in 2008, median growth rate of the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 companies, over a three-year period, stood at an impressive 97 percent.  Companies on this …Learn More

Visualizing Health Equity Through Infographics

Health disparities are differences closely linked with social, economic, and/or environmental disadvantage. Campaign Consultation Inc. is honored to serve as the communications technical assistance provider for the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities (NPA) a collaboration of the Office of Minority Health, a team of federal agencies known as the Federal Interagency Health Equity Team, and ten Regional Health Equity Councils across the country. Campaign Consultation is providing outreach and communications support to raise awareness about health disparities among various constituent groups and potential partners.

Areas With Primary Care Shortages

Throughout the past year, Campaign Consultation has developed communications resources, including infographics, to help the NPA partners raise awareness, educate potential leaders and partners about health disparities and the social factors that influence health. These infographics visually demonstrate how the conditions in which people live, learn, work, pray, and play influence health outcomes, and link to specific population groups.

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Pioneering E-Instruction in the Virtual Conference Space

In August 2012, Campaign Consultation executed a comprehensive e-instruction event in a virtual conference space: the first-ever virtual conference hosted by the Corporation for National and Community Service. During this live, online, three-day event, 1500 attendees associated with CNCS’ Senior Corps programs browsed through a virtual space designed to feel like an in-person conference.

Participants entered the conference through a static home page, and found themselves in the middle of a vibrant and shifting virtual world. Entrants came immediately face-to-face with a walking, talking greeting from Dr. Erwin Tan, Director of Senior Corps. From there, attendees could choose to visit an exhibit hall to chat with partner representatives, enter a virtual library to peruse materials and media, drop files into their virtual event bags, and network with colleagues from across the country in a virtual lounge.

Four conference halls hosted live and on-demand presentations of performance measurement curriculum for Senior Corps programs. Presenters integrated video, audio, and slides to facilitate the e-learning experience. Campaign Consultation managed this event from building and designing the venue space, to fitting together the puzzle pieces of the agenda, training presenters and booth representatives, and leading live day participants through the virtual space.

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SXSW Voting is Live!

We Need Your Vote

We left the 2012 SXSW conference feeling inspired.  Over the past several weeks, our team members have been working hard to prepare presentations on some of the hottest topics in marketing, social media, design and virtual conferences to present at SXSW 2013.  But we need your votes.  We want to make your SXSW experience an even better one.

So how do we get picked? That’s where you come in.  A portion of the selection process relies on fans like you.

How do I vote? It’s simple.  All you need to do is sign-up for an account.  It’s free, takes about five minutes, and is easy to do.  Voting takes place from August 13 – August 31.

What am I voting for? Here are our ideas:·

  • Michelle Bond, Vice President, Campaign Consultation, Inc.; Jasmine Touton, Project Specialist, Campaign Consultation, Inc.  – “Infusing Reality Into Virtual Conferencing” Virtual conferences; you’ve heard of them, but do you want to adopt them? Can they replace the plush carpet designs, free-flowing happy hours, and joyful fist bumps at in-person conferences? Maybe not, but there is an industry of startups and old hands in the virtual conference world jockeying to bring
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President and CEO Nominated For Travelers of the Year Award

This just in – President, Linda Brown Rivelis, and CEO, Steven Rivelis, have been nominated for the National Geographic Travelers of the Year award!

As you may remember, back in November, Linda and Steven embarked on a 60 day grand adventure around the globe to celebrate their combined 60 years of working in social change. During their trip they experienced the world’s cultures; and most importantly, met other social change makers.

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A Hidden Reminder Found in Florida, Forever Imprinted In My Mind

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

If given the opportunity to travel, where would you go?  For some of us it is the mountains, for others it is a lake, and yet for others it may be the ocean.   For me, it was Key West.  Using the travel voucher I received from Linda and Steven Rivelis, I had the opportunity to do something that I had always dreamed of.

While in the Keys, I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, such as kayaking the mangroves, snorkeling the coral reefs, drinking straight from a coconut, and visiting the Southernmost Point in the United States.  While I adored the islands from the moment I crossed that first bridge, I fell in love with Key West when I learned about its philosophy of “One Human Family”.  This philosophy reminds us that we are all different, we are all unique, and we are all equal.  Upon seeing that painting on the sidewalk, I was reminded that we must embrace one another as we are, for we are all travelers in this world – none greater than the other.

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