Rachel Roth Joins Campaign Consultation

A big warm welcome to our newest team member, Rachel Roth.   Ms. Roth serves as the Executive Assistant of Campaign Consultation, Inc working directly with President Linda Brown Rivelis and CEO Steven Rivelis to facilitate day-to-day operations of the organization.

Originally from the West coast, Ms. Roth spent several years working in the entertainment industry as an actor, appearing on television shows such as “Titus,” “Veronica Mars,” “ER” and others.   She “retired” from the industry to follow her heart and pursue a career in public service.   Ms. Roth holds a B.A. in Women’s Studies from the University of Maryland.

In addition to her work at Campaign, Ms. Roth writes for Baltimore Gay Life Magazine.   She also works at Camp Highlight – a week-long summer camp for youth with Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) parents.

When she’s not working or volunteering, you can find Ms. Roth running with her dog or reading.

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Campaign Consultation Hires Robyn Stegman

Please join us in welcoming Robyn Stegman as our newest Project Specialist.  She’s passionate about all things national and community service. And, she has the education and experience to make her an ideal team member.

Robyn served as Associate Director for Civic and Global Engagement at Mary Baldwin College, where she worked with students, faculty and community partners to develop tools, campaigns, and resources to transform students into community change-makers.  She is the founder of Geeks for Good, an organization dedicated to connecting tech savvy volunteers to nonprofits to provide social media, web, and graphic design services. Robyn also served as a VISTA member, providing training and technical assistance to high poverty schools and organizing a state-wide Global Youth Service Day.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations with a minor in Peacemaking and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution.  She also participated in the Phoenix Project – Social Innovation program, an intensive initiative focused on applying entrepreneurial approaches to civic challenges.

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Stories from Sarajevo: Strategies for a Civil Society

An internationally recognized social activist, psychologist, and catalyst for social change during and after the Siege of Sarajevo – Dzenana Rustempasic – will visit the United States for the first time this summer. She will be available for speaking engagements and meetings from June 4 – 12, 2012.

Ms. Rustempasic ignited hope in a generation of young people who lost homes, families, friends and dreams during the devastating 1992‐1996 Siege of Sarajevo.

“In such a terrible war situation, watching unimaginable pain and suffering of [my] own nation, I started to work as a volunteer in refugee camps for women and children,” Rustempasic wrote in an email.

Ms. Rustempasic’s engagements will feature her work as an activist in Bosnia and Herzegovina that grew into the creation of an internationally recognized non‐profit, Heroes Children. Rustempasic will share how she sustained her non‐profit organization during the siege and after the war. She will also discuss
the work she’s done to bolster similar organizations since then.

“These field‐tested lessons are transferrable to others working to create a more civil society, be it to strengthen a community‐based organization, advance a strategic social policy at the national level, or promote civic engagement in emerging democracies, around …Learn More

Suzanne Knizner Visits Boston

Project Coordinator, Suzanne Knizner, recently visited Boston, Massachusetts using her travel voucher.  During her trip, she had the opportunity to visit the Harvard Yard, and wanted to share more with you about it.  Check out her great pictures!
“They are from the Harvard Yard, a grassy area adjacent to Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that constitutes the oldest part and the center of the campus of Harvard University. It contains thirteen of Harvard College’s seventeen freshman dormitories, as well as four libraries, five buildings of classrooms and academic departments, and the central administrative offices of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the university, located in University Hall and Massachusetts Hall, respectively.

Within the Yard is a gate, where the attached plaque was posted:  ‘This gate was dedicated twenty-five years after women students first moved into Harvard Yard in September of 1972.’ …Learn More

Sharing Our Stories

In November and December, many of you followed our President, Linda Brown Rivelis, and CEO, Steven Rivelis, on their 60 day journey around the globe. You saw their incredible pictures, and read about their phenomenal journey. But what you may not know are the things that came after.

At our annual Give 5 event—where our team gathered, put our heads together, and decided what social causes to support with 5% of Campaign Consultation’s profits — the Rivelis’ also gave us each a gift. Every team member was awarded a voucher to contribute to travel costs to a unique destination, with one stipulation: we had to go to a place we’d never before been. Since then, many of us have taken trips that we may have never taken.

We are excited about this incredible opportunity and want to share our journeys with you. Throughout the year, expect to see short snippets of the places we have visited. Stay tuned to see our photos, aha moments, and/or links to cool things to do at the places we have visited.

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We’re looking for a Project Coordinator

Who we’re looking for:

You are the type of person who thrives on taking care of things the right way the first time. A task comes in and you figure out how to get it done without having to ask a lot of questions. You enjoy problem solving and know how to ask the right questions. When you say “I will take care of it” we know it will be done well. You get excited when you know you’ve made someone else’s day easier. If you love organizing and managing logistics, that is a plus.


  • A bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 3 years of experience. Additional experience may be substituted for the degree.
  • Must be customer service oriented and engaging when communicating with internal and external clients.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of organization, attention to detail, creativity, ability to plan, multi-task and meet deadlines.
  • Excellent written, verbal and research skills.
  • Strong willingness to do whatever is needed to complete tasks from start to finish.
  • Experience in project planning, tracking, and implementation.
  • Familiarity with social media.

In addition to the requirements outlined above, candidates must possess ability to work independently and collaboratively. You must be able to take both …Learn More

Code for America

Code for America … recruit fellows and upon cities’ application/invitation disperses coders to local governments.

Cody Johnson states, “Code for America is not just about coding, but rewiring society.” This movement is where the physical needs of regions, towns, cities and other local governments meet the digital support.

Government is a platform to help one another and with digital support, it can operate more efficiently according to the following stories which appeared on a Ning.

Citizens contact a Ning and have anonymous Samaritans provide advice saving call center cost and delays:

There’s a possum in my house … Advice: Turn on music real loud and open all the doors. Possum left.

There’s a possum in my trash can … Can’t tell if alive or dead … Any one help? Action: Neighbor walked over took off the lid and laid can on its side … Possum left.

Fire hydrant app developed for Boston to recover fire hydrants buried by snow. Ask people to dig out.

Tsunami sirens batteries removed by local folk from Hawaii; app developed to locate non-functional sirens

App developed to locate children on school buses stuck in snow that parents can access app instead of calling a command …Learn More

SXSW Designing in Flash

The following recap is a layperson’s translation in an attempt to understand concepts … double-check veracity and feel free to edit these points.

Flash is useful in design for trade show kiosks, inboard dash systems, etc.

1. Flash is not going away immediately. HTML5 not done yet. Utility as a tool is so vast, nothing to replace yet.

2. Do not build web-based sites using Flash alone

3. Do not build out in Flash behind the HTML page. User will only get one page of content which is not enough information.

4. Accessibility is key … Flash can take too much time to load for bells and whistles or embedded Flash video player … User goes elsewhere

5. Other Software: Word Flex … Ajack … Jaws … Adobe Edge, HTML5, etc. Technology will continue to advance as more products are added to this list. However, users’ actual accessibility will lag.

Universal Design (aka 508)

The term “Universal Design” reflects a good business mindset that with 2% extra effort the site will have clean codes, ease in maintenance and better compatibility with search engines. All of these business benefits while doing the right thing in making the site accessible to …Learn More

SXSW Agile Apps

App Programming:

The following recap is a layperson’s translation in an attempt to understand concepts … double-check veracity and feel free to edit these points.

1. Develop program in modular format, easier to update

2. Create and tailor objects with client’s data needs … a data-driven approach

3. Iterate and build app design quickly and automatically

4. Go for low fidelity with minimal functionality at first

5. Build in agile activity where app presents a framework vs. a set of static features – i.e., user uploads a photo for their profile and it also automatically posts to Facebook, etc.

6. Easy to change and the tools to build

7. Do the design first and build out functional prototype

8 Good design is an emergent activity, done in phases where it’s program is used, updated, used again and updated again

9. Core point is to get results in front of client as soon as possible

Exception … GAMES

Require development of a whole system in total … Can’t build half a game in a modular format

Linda …Learn More