How to Attract People to Your Community


Four Keys To Community Building:

As long as you stay true to your mission, your core constituents will remain engaged.

Authenticity to your cause and mission is your single most important goal.

Once you find your voice, make it easy for your community to find you.

Don’t be afraid of controversy when it emphasizes your mission and supports your goals.

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Nature in Urban Ecosystems

Live in the city and love nature?

According to the UN, more people now live in cities than in rural areas across the world. Thing is, cities are not all hardscapes and humans. Nature is all around.

Many communities have recognized the importance of urban nature and some folks are making moves that can help you get closer and get involved.

For more information, check out the following via your search engine:

1) Project Noah (check out the app too)
2) NYC Wildflower Week
3) National Urban Biodiversity Week

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