T.O.M.: Targeting, Organizing and Mobilizing

T.O.M. is both an organizing tool and an organizing strategy to help groups achieve social change goals through:

  • Targeting the right audience for messaging and those with the ability to affect the change you are seeking
  • Organizing the groups that can bring pressure to bear on the obstacles of change
  • Mobilizing groups to engage in strategic actions that will lead to change

Let us show you how to apply our T.O.M. principals to achieve your community – corporate – social profit goals. …Learn More

VISTA Viewfinder

For several years, Campaign Consultation produced the Viewfinder, AmeriCorps VISTA’s robust eNewsletter, that offered thoughtful information and perspectives to VISTAs in the field about issues related to their work. Each issue of the monthly online publication focused on a different aspect of poverty. and shared interviews with VISTAs on the ground working in these areas. Additional features included alumni profiles, links to ever expanding social media platforms, and Through Your Lens, an area of the Viewfinder that invites readers to comment on articles and discuss their own experiences in the communities where they serve. …Learn More

Veterans and Military Families Web Site

“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.”-Albert Einstein

Service to others includes the men and women who have served our country in war. For those lucky enough to make it home, many have difficulty adjusting back to civilian life. To help illustrate this reality, Henry Schuster, the producer behind 60 Minutes, reported in a blog post:

“The costs of war aren’t always obvious or immediate. A few months after I got back last year from a trip to Afghanistan, I got a call from one of the Marines with whom we were embedded. He couldn’t sleep; he was drinking heavily; was afraid he was going to kill his dog and couldn’t stop arguing with his girlfriend; he’d moved out on her and was living in the barracks. Already on what they call “a bag o’meds,” a pharmaceutical cocktail prescribed by a Navy doctor, he was clearly suffering from PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder. He didn’t want to ask anyone at his base for help because he thought it would count against him. I urged him, pleaded with him, to get help.”

Read Mr. Schuster’s full story.

In response, the Campaign Consultation team …Learn More

Briefcase for Success

In the fight to overcome poverty, information is key. Barriers to banking and financial development strategies prevent families and communities from becoming financially secure. Briefcase for Success: Tools & Resources for Financial Asset Development Initiatives is a financial literacy reference tool developed for the benefit of AmeriCorps VISTA members. It is a compilation of resources and best practices, and was designed to advance financial asset development programs. …Learn More

SIF Interactive Map

The Interactive Map showcases the breadth of impact of the Social Innovation Fund across the nation. Campaign Consultation developed this searchable map to serve as an interactive resource for learning more about the SIF and the programs it supports. …Learn More

AmeriCorps Week Impact Guide

The AmeriCorps Impact Guide was designed to share strategies, tips, and resources for AmeriCorps members to share the impact of their service during AmeriCorps Week and throughout the year. Campaign Consultation created the content and design for this guide that continues to be an on-going resource for AmeriCorps members throughout their service. …Learn More

MLK National Day of Service Tools

In order to reach a national audience with information and planning tools for the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Day of Service, Campaign Consultation developed a website, webinars, toolkits, newsletters, and promotional items including posters, stickers, bookmarks, and door hangers. Next time you have a national movement about to happen, contact us for our in-person organizing and digital/online approaches. …Learn More