Pioneering E-Instruction in the Virtual Conference Space

In August 2012, Campaign Consultation executed a comprehensive e-instruction event in a virtual conference space: the first-ever virtual conference hosted by the Corporation for National and Community Service. During this live, online, three-day event, 1500 attendees associated with CNCS’ Senior Corps programs browsed through a virtual space designed to feel like an in-person conference.

Participants entered the conference through a static home page, and found themselves in the middle of a vibrant and shifting virtual world. Entrants came immediately face-to-face with a walking, talking greeting from Dr. Erwin Tan, Director of Senior Corps. From there, attendees could choose to visit an exhibit hall to chat with partner representatives, enter a virtual library to peruse materials and media, drop files into their virtual event bags, and network with colleagues from across the country in a virtual lounge.

Four conference halls hosted live and on-demand presentations of performance measurement curriculum for Senior Corps programs. Presenters integrated video, audio, and slides to facilitate the e-learning experience. Campaign Consultation managed this event from building and designing the venue space, to fitting together the puzzle pieces of the agenda, training presenters and booth representatives, and leading live day participants through the virtual space.

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SXSW Voting is Live!

We Need Your Vote

We left the 2012 SXSW conference feeling inspired.  Over the past several weeks, our team members have been working hard to prepare presentations on some of the hottest topics in marketing, social media, design and virtual conferences to present at SXSW 2013.  But we need your votes.  We want to make your SXSW experience an even better one.

So how do we get picked? That’s where you come in.  A portion of the selection process relies on fans like you.

How do I vote? It’s simple.  All you need to do is sign-up for an account.  It’s free, takes about five minutes, and is easy to do.  Voting takes place from August 13 – August 31.

What am I voting for? Here are our ideas:·

  • Michelle Bond, Vice President, Campaign Consultation, Inc.; Jasmine Touton, Project Specialist, Campaign Consultation, Inc.  – “Infusing Reality Into Virtual Conferencing” Virtual conferences; you’ve heard of them, but do you want to adopt them? Can they replace the plush carpet designs, free-flowing happy hours, and joyful fist bumps at in-person conferences? Maybe not, but there is an industry of startups and old hands in the virtual conference world jockeying to bring
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Code for America

Code for America … recruit fellows and upon cities’ application/invitation disperses coders to local governments.

Cody Johnson states, “Code for America is not just about coding, but rewiring society.” This movement is where the physical needs of regions, towns, cities and other local governments meet the digital support.

Government is a platform to help one another and with digital support, it can operate more efficiently according to the following stories which appeared on a Ning.

Citizens contact a Ning and have anonymous Samaritans provide advice saving call center cost and delays:

There’s a possum in my house … Advice: Turn on music real loud and open all the doors. Possum left.

There’s a possum in my trash can … Can’t tell if alive or dead … Any one help? Action: Neighbor walked over took off the lid and laid can on its side … Possum left.

Fire hydrant app developed for Boston to recover fire hydrants buried by snow. Ask people to dig out.

Tsunami sirens batteries removed by local folk from Hawaii; app developed to locate non-functional sirens

App developed to locate children on school buses stuck in snow that parents can access app instead of calling a command …Learn More

SXSW Designing in Flash

The following recap is a layperson’s translation in an attempt to understand concepts … double-check veracity and feel free to edit these points.

Flash is useful in design for trade show kiosks, inboard dash systems, etc.

1. Flash is not going away immediately. HTML5 not done yet. Utility as a tool is so vast, nothing to replace yet.

2. Do not build web-based sites using Flash alone

3. Do not build out in Flash behind the HTML page. User will only get one page of content which is not enough information.

4. Accessibility is key … Flash can take too much time to load for bells and whistles or embedded Flash video player … User goes elsewhere

5. Other Software: Word Flex … Ajack … Jaws … Adobe Edge, HTML5, etc. Technology will continue to advance as more products are added to this list. However, users’ actual accessibility will lag.

Universal Design (aka 508)

The term “Universal Design” reflects a good business mindset that with 2% extra effort the site will have clean codes, ease in maintenance and better compatibility with search engines. All of these business benefits while doing the right thing in making the site accessible to …Learn More

SXSW Agile Apps

App Programming:

The following recap is a layperson’s translation in an attempt to understand concepts … double-check veracity and feel free to edit these points.

1. Develop program in modular format, easier to update

2. Create and tailor objects with client’s data needs … a data-driven approach

3. Iterate and build app design quickly and automatically

4. Go for low fidelity with minimal functionality at first

5. Build in agile activity where app presents a framework vs. a set of static features – i.e., user uploads a photo for their profile and it also automatically posts to Facebook, etc.

6. Easy to change and the tools to build

7. Do the design first and build out functional prototype

8 Good design is an emergent activity, done in phases where it’s program is used, updated, used again and updated again

9. Core point is to get results in front of client as soon as possible

Exception … GAMES

Require development of a whole system in total … Can’t build half a game in a modular format

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Geek-the-Cause Event at SXSW Paves Path for Social Change

Attendees Participate in Mini-Hackathon Event to Advance Social Causes

Designers, developers, and social entrepreneurs joined forces in Austin on Sunday, March 11 during the SXSW Interactive Festival for Geek-the-Cause. The mini-hackathon brought together some of the world’s top creative minds and forward thinkers to forge innovative strategies for addressing today’s complex and compelling social causes.

“Geek-the-Cause paves new paths to address and advance important social causes,” said Linda Brown Rivelis, President of Eye Byte Solutions, LLC and Campaign Consultation, Inc., which hosted the event. “Now, we’ll get these fresh ideas in front of the right people. And, the Geek the Cause teams will be part of the effort to help move these strategic solutions forward.”

The event challenged interactive “geeks” to apply their expertise to social causes. From motivated high-schoolers to impassioned CEOs, some 30 people donated a combined 90 hours to address important social concerns. Attendees focused on: engaging girls of color in technology fields, improving education by supporting teachers, and eliminating food waste through better management of donations.

With President Obama’s recent spotlight on jobs creation, three Geek-the-Cause teams—independent of one another— developed a package of ideas and innovative strategies to help girls of color contribute to technical …Learn More

Hackathon for Social Change

Hackathons – gatherings for social change:

This week at SXSW we – Campaign Consultation, Inc and Eye Byte Solutions – hosted “Geek the Cause” …

Our mini-hackathon was a gathering of forward thinkers and creatives who worked all night to forged innovative strategies for addressing some of today’s most complex social issues.

Hackathons are evolving: from a room filled only with coders and software developers, to rooms full of social innovators — developers, designers, planners, journalists, civic leaders and more — coming together to address pressing social issues (transportation, community development, energy use, jobs, etc).

This exciting cross-professional, discipline and community process has the potential to produce and sustain groundbreaking social change ideas and interventions.

This morning at SXSW, I attended a session on how to the leverage these geek-fests of technology experts, social profit organizations, government, businesses to kick-start change-making movements in communities and cities. …Learn More