Campaign Consultation Named One of the Top Companies in America

Campaign Consultation, Inc. has officially been recognized as “One of the top 500/5000 companies in America” by Inc. Magazine.

“This honor and accomplishment could not have been achieved without our skilled staff and collaborative clients who have a shared passion for advancing social change, commitment to excellence, and ability to help bend the universe toward social justice”, says Campaign Consultation CEO, Steven Rivelis.

As an Inc. 500|5000 honoree, Campaign Consultation now shares a pedigree with Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Jamba Juice, Timberland, Patagonia, Microsoft, Pandora, and other notable alumni. In addition to Campaign Consultation, the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 list also added Levi Strauss and a little social media company called Facebook.

President Linda Brown Rivelis adds, “As Entrepreneurs for Social Change™, we recognize it’s quite a feat to earn a spot on this list, especially in these challenging economic times. It feels good to have our social-profit work recognized alongside the nation’s top for-profit companies.”

The 2012 Inc. 500|5000 ranked companies based on percentage growth rate from 2008 to 2011. Despite the deep recession that began in 2008, median growth rate of the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 companies, over a three-year period, stood at an impressive 97 percent. Companies on this …Learn More


Campaign Consultation believes in walking our talk. Our work with clients involves advancing social change agendas, and that value is also an integral part of our corporate culture. In the spirit of being entrepreneurs for social change, Campaign Consultation, Inc. started its own GIVE 5 initiative in 1990. Through this annual program, Campaign Consultation shares five percent of its pretax profits with employees and another five percent with social causes and social profit organizations selected by employees. Each team member is encouraged to make a pitch for one or more causes along with an amount that they believe would make a difference for their selected organization(s). GIVE 5 recipients have included:


LLIFE ™ (Living Legacy Initiative For Entrepreneurs) translates an individual’s engaged business interest into personal philanthropic purpose. LLIFE™ is ready to help you apply your entrepreneurial skills used in business to invest in social, educational, and cultural change initiatives at home or abroad.

With you as the primary customer, LLIFE™ provides the knowledge support for your strategic humanitarian decision-making. Your legacy plans come first, before any charitable organization. Legacy consultation includes rigorous research, creative response ideas and out-of-the-box action to achieve outcomes for communities and people in need locally, nationally and worldwide. You can use any one or all of LLIFE™ services as outlined in the following 5 stages …


Stage 1:

Complete the Living Legacy GPS Guidebook

Your LLIFE guide will

Stage 2:

Review and discuss your Living Legacy GPS Guidebook responses. Explore your top 3 causes for research purposes.

Stage 3:

Research, compile findings, provide analysis and discuss organizations, entities, and other interventions to address your top cause interests.

Stage 4:

Prepare tailored information survey questions. Interview (distance and/or on-site) prospects and assess their responses. Compile and review report with recommendations. Provide support in grantee selection.

Stage 5:

Determine preferred method of offering …Learn More

Pro-Bono Professional Services Address Community Needs

A Billion + Change is a national campaign to mobilize billions of dollars of pro-bono and skills-based service to address core issues our communities face across the country and around the world. In order to prepare nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses and volunteers to participate, Campaign Consultation curated resources from across the web that would be beneficial to each of the three target groups when seeking or offering pro-bono services. Our team also wrote introductory copy about each resource for the Billion + Change website. Several years earlier, this initiative began with The Summit on Corporate Volunteerism: Toward a New Definition of Pro-Bono, which brought together the business community to discuss ways that they could contribute their time and talents to nonprofit organizations. Campaign Consultation worked with the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Taproot Foundation, the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, UPS, and Citibank to put together a manual for the business community that made the case for pro-bono involvement and shared strategies for companies on delivering pro-bono services. …Learn More

Top 100 Inner City Companies

Thanks to our clients, collaborators, and colleagues Campaign Consultation has been selected as…

“One of the Top 100 Inner City Companies in the U.S.”

This honor – officially announced during the Inner City Summit at Harvard Business School, on April 12-13, 2004 – is sponsored by Inc. Magazine and the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City. To learn more about Campaign Consultation’s newest initiatives, please review our web site. …Learn More