Diversity Awareness Learning Experience Manual

Campaign Consultation developed a training manual to accompany the Diversity Awareness Learning Experience training that Campaign conducted for Chevron Texaco’s corporate executives and field employees across the United States. The manual mirrored the workshop topics and included information on:

  • Dynamics of Diversity
  • Perceptions and Assumptions
  • Creating Better Working Relationships

This tool allows participants to continue their learning well beyond the workshops.

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Question 6 Social Media Support

With only six weeks remaining in the For Question 6 campaign, there was a critical need to expand the reach of Marylanders for Marriage Equality beyond a core circle of stakeholders to a larger audience of supporters.

Toward this end, Campaign Consultation, Inc. was asked to help advance a series of strategic outreach interventions, including the launch of the Million Conversations campaign and a broader use of promotional material, both tangible and virtual, to help spread the word about Maryland’s equal marriage ballot initiative.

Campaign Consultation designed items to increase For Question 6’s visibility around Baltimore. Yard signs allowed residents to show their support, while approximately 5,000 stickers were passed out to runners at the Baltimore Marathon. Coalition members, contributors, like-minded organizations, elected officials, student groups, LGBT veteran and military organizations, and others were also coached and encouraged to use viral organizing tools to enhance visibility, build momentum and increase direct access to an ever increasing number of supporters.

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Edmonds Community College Training Manual

Edmonds Community College hosts a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff. One identified goal was to strengthen this community connection. In 2012, Campaign Consultation developed a half-day session focused on understanding cultural perceptions and building effective cross-cultural relationships, as part of Edmonds three-day Diversity Learning Experience for the college’s leadership. To support the session and provide participants with materials that would be useful beyond the workshop, Campaign Consultation produced a comprehensive training manual with diversity facts, exercises and training tools. …Learn More