Stand Up and Speak Out for EQUALITY

Dear Friends and Colleagues from Maryland,

Please ACT and DISTRIBUTE!!!

The final votes on the Civil Marriage Protection Act will take place in the Maryland House of Delegates this week.

Anti-equality lawmakers have pledged to pull out all stops to derail the vote.  The National Organization for Marriage is placing “robo” calls and sending negative mailers in swing vote districts.  Legislators are telling us that the anti-same sex marriage calls are far outnumbering pro-same sex marriage calls.

Your voice in needed … contact your Delegates [most of you have 3 members in the House] in the next 24 hours.  Urge them to support Senate Bill 116: The Civil Marriage Protection Act.

Click here to contact your legislator:

Thank you for standing up and speaking out for EQUALITY!

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Maryland Law Permits Recognition of Legal Marriages of Same-Gender

In a recent release by Equality Maryland, they applauded an opinion released on Feb. 24 by the Office of Attorney General Doug Gansler that states that marriages of same-gender couples validly entered into in other jurisdictions may be honored here at home.

They state that “the Attorney General’s opinion relies on longstanding legal precedent that says couples who have been legally married in another state are treated under Maryland law as validly married, even if that marriage was not performed in the State of Maryland. This opinion will provide enhanced protections for couples with valid licenses. It compels state agencies to act in accord with the law and provide equal protections to couples with valid licenses. This opinion also increases the momentum behind our efforts to advance full marriage equality for all LGBT couples.”

Equality Maryland is committed to seeing to it that the legally valid marriages of same sex couples in the Free State are honored and that state agencies comply with state law by offering equal protections. …Learn More