Brazil – S Corporations

Campaign Consultation designed and delivered two training sessions for approximately 80 local nonprofit leaders in Sao Paulo,  Brazil. One session focused on best practices for training others in social advocacy, including tactics to foster creativity and idea exchange. Campaign Consultation also delivered a training session on organizing and delivering citizen-driven social advocacy. These sessions were jointly sponsored by the Bank of Brazil, SENAC – Sao Paulo, the United States Consulate, and Johns Hopkins University. …Learn More


In 1991, the Republic of Benin transitioned from a dictatorship to a democracy. The Center for Research and Action for Development Initiative Basics (CRADIB) is an aid organization striving to assist Benin’s citizens through skill development, training, and education. CRADIB helped citizens construct buildings, roads, and hospitals, led trainings on business management, and funded schools fees and healthcare for children. In order to help them continue their important work, Campaign Consultation strategized with CRADIB about potential funding sources and effective sustainability practices. Campaign Consultation also developed worksheets and timelines to assist CRADIB in planning for future project management. …Learn More

Family Care International

Family Care International is dedicated to improving women’s reproductive health around the world. Campaign Consultation united this organization’s international offices in Africa and Latin America through communication and sustainability training. These trainings highlighted ways to build stronger on-the-ground partnerships and enhance their positions in the international arena, thereby increasing their visibility to potential funders and supporters of their cause. …Learn More

Horizonti Foundation – Georgia [Rose Campaign]

After the break-up of the former USSR, Campaign Consultation coached civic leaders from the Republic of Georgia on citizen mobilization skills and citizen engagement strategies. Working with the Horizonti Foundation, a group working to enhance civic participation and NGO involvement in Georgia, Campaign Consultation crafted a week-long learning program which included participants selecting a topic and then practicing the art and science of message development, petition drives, media relations, public event planning, issue advocacy, grassroots organizing and social policy development. The skills that were honed during the training were used to peacefully force the resignation of Georgian government officials, establish a transitional government, schedule a recall election and elect a new national leader. This peaceful transition became known as the Rose Revolution. …Learn More

Nicaraguan Development Center

Change can be advanced at multiple levels, inciting participation from the grassroots level to international policy advocacy. Campaign Consultation co-developed and co-facilitated a seven-day institute on social advocacy, media relations, and lobbying for 48 civic leaders from Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Participants were coached on using advocacy approaches to advance specific social change movements. Using the tools introduced during the session, each participant created a tangible advocacy plan for use within their own organizations. …Learn More