Baltimore Arabbers

The Arabbers are a link between Baltimore’s past and its future. Arabbers use horses and brightly painted wagons to distribute produce and – much like the ice cream truck – attrract people to come out of their houses into the street with jingling bells and called out greetings. They represent generations of vendors whose fruit and vegetables are made available to people in neighborhoods throughout the city.

In 2007, this way of life was threatened when stables were condemned and horses were moved to temporary shelters. Campaign Consultation jumped in to help the Arabbers make their case to city officials, attract volunteer leadership, and serve as a conduit to legal representation, equine expertise, and other professional services.

Since then, we have continued to provide support in crafting outreach and fundraising plans to ensure this chunk of Baltimore heritage is not lost to the history books. …Learn More

Hands Across the Sand

Campaign Consultation, Inc had the honor of partnering with the recent global movement Hands Across the Sand, which took place on June 26, 2010.

As the social media / viral organizer, Campaign Consultation helped turn what originated as a Florida statewide event — which included over 10,000 people on nearly 100 beaches on February 12, 2010 — into a worldwide movement with more than 100,000 participants in 901 locations.

Already, Hands Across the Sand has attracted massive national media attention with articles in the New York Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, Huffington Post, plus it’s been featured twice on the front page of

Campaign Consultation had the privilege to work alongside key organizational sponsors which included: Sierra Club, Surfrider Foundation, Audubon,Oceana, Greenpeace,, 350, Environmental America, Friends of the Earth, Ocean Conservancy, Center for Biological Diversity, 1 Sky,Energy Action Coalition, Defenders of Wildlife, Rainforest Action Network, Clean Water Action, Endangered Species Coalition, Earth Day 2010 and Spawn. …Learn More

One Billion Rising

Launching in 2013 as an annual Valentine’s Day event, One Billion Rising, an international campaign to stop violence against women, invites people to “WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to this violence.” In order to raise awareness of this movement and inspire collective action in the Baltimore area, Campaign Consultation worked with Baltimore NOW on the One Billion Rising campaign to facilitate media relations, event planning and management, logistics, and entertainment for Baltimore’s role in this global movement. Our team worked with a local dance studio to produce a vibrant flash mob in the heart of Baltimore City, connected with Bikemore to facilitate an interactive march, and brought television coverage to the event. …Learn More

River Systems Institute/Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

The River Systems Institute, now Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, is a part of Texas State University. Their overarching mission is to advance scientific and technical knowledge through research on aquatic resources; identify and analyze socio-economic and political issues affecting water use; guide the development of environmentally sustainable public water policy in Texas; and cultivate public awareness and education about water resource issues. Through strategic stakeholder outreach, meeting facilitation, brand development, and material creation, Campaign Consultation enabled RSI to meet its goals of achieving community consensus around adopting measures to improve water quality and developing a preventative watershed plan for the Cyprus Creek region. …Learn More