T.O.M.: Targeting, Organizing and Mobilizing

T.O.M. is both an organizing tool and an organizing strategy to help groups achieve social change goals through:

  • Targeting the right audience for messaging and those with the ability to affect the change you are seeking
  • Organizing the groups that can bring pressure to bear on the obstacles of change
  • Mobilizing groups to engage in strategic actions that will lead to change

Let us show you how to apply our T.O.M. principals to achieve your community – corporate – social profit goals. …Learn More

VISTA Notebook

Members of AmeriCorps VISTA tirelessly advocate for poverty awareness and alleviation. Developing an effective plan with limited time and resources can be a daunting task. Campaign Consultation developed the “VISTA Notebook” in order to assist AmeriCorps VISTA members in shaping their self-assisted planning guide. Members are provided with an interactive and comprehensive package of brainstorming tips. They are given room to identify key stakeholders in their community, expand upon current tactics for lasting impact, and reflect on their experiences as an AmeriCorps VISTA. …Learn More