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“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.”-Albert Einstein

Service to others includes the men and women who have served our country in war. For those lucky enough to make it home, many have difficulty adjusting back to civilian life. To help illustrate this reality, Henry Schuster, the producer behind 60 Minutes, reported in a blog post:

“The costs of war aren’t always obvious or immediate. A few months after I got back last year from a trip to Afghanistan, I got a call from one of the Marines with whom we were embedded. He couldn’t sleep; he was drinking heavily; was afraid he was going to kill his dog and couldn’t stop arguing with his girlfriend; he’d moved out on her and was living in the barracks. Already on what they call “a bag o’meds,” a pharmaceutical cocktail prescribed by a Navy doctor, he was clearly suffering from PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder. He didn’t want to ask anyone at his base for help because he thought it would count against him. I urged him, pleaded with him, to get help.”

Read Mr. Schuster’s full story.

In response, the Campaign Consultation team …Learn More

National Partnership for Action Infographics

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. To illustrate some of the complex linkages between social issues and health disparities, Campaign Consultation developed a series of infographics for the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities. The infographics helped to make connections between such issues as education, jobs, and housing to health disparities for various populations. …Learn More

National Partnership for Action Social Media Training

Campaign Consultation developed two guides, Introduction to Social Media and Tips and Best Practices for Social Media, to assist Regional Health Equity Councils with developing a social media presence and maximizing the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to raise awareness about health disparities. …Learn More

GWU Twitter Training Tools

The George Washington University’s Freshman Day of Service is the largest single day of collegiate service in the nation. In order to support the GWU Office of Civic Engagement and Public Service, Campaign Consultation designed and delivered a Twitter training for Student Leaders. This training was designed to provide information and instructions on how Student Leaders could use social media effectively to share their Freshman Day of Service story through words and photos. Additional materials were created to assist students in joining Twitter and sharing photos and insights about their service experience. …Learn More

VISTA Digital Archives

In preparation for VISTA’s 50th Anniversary, Campaign Consultation created a digital archive of over 3,000 photos, videos and audio recordings, which represents VISTA’s 50 years at the forefront of America’s movement to end poverty.

Most of us have old photos or videos lying around in our basement or closet, but few of us do anything with them beyond giving them the occasional glance. Yet, they contain a wealth of potential, especially in the age of technology.

To this aim, Campaign Consultation digitized, cataloged and tagged 3,291 photos, videos and audio recordings, breathing new life into a valuable resource. The archival database was created with the intention of being easily searchable and filterable according to 16 key identifiers, so that users could find any type of photo. The VISTA digital archives contain a wealth of multimedia which have the potential of bolstering any outreach and marketing campaign, especially one centered around a 50th anniversary. Learn more about the VISTA Digital Archives and check out our Prezi! …Learn More

SIF Communications Toolkit

The Social Innovation Fund Intermediary and Subgrantee Communications Toolkits were designed to assist SIF grantees in sharing the story of the SIF programs’ impact. Campaign Consultation developed the toolkits to include templates and materials that are general and customizable so they can be adapted to suit the communications strategies of each grantee. …Learn More

CADCA Sustainability Institute

Campaign Consultation, Inc. was asked to facilitate The Sustainability Institute within the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) annual Mid-Year Training Institute. Designed to help increase awareness, knowledge and skills in the areas of fund raising and communication, this institute focused on the end goal of strengthening the sustainability of community-based coalitions.

This four-day institute featured workshops on topics including writing, revelry, research, resources (web, print, etc), making presentations, and visibility. Participants were encouraged to choose a specific track for the institute: fund raising or communications. Each track had three, three hour workshops. Regardless of the track they chose, participants received a manual that included the materials from all of the workshops. …Learn More

Communicators Institute

To assist constituent groups with addressing a variety of communications needs, Campaign Consultation designs and delivers day-long training events called Communicators Institutes. These events are for those engaged in any aspect of communications at an organization — from writing emails for an external audience to being interviewed by the media. The institutes can be tailored for the target audience and may include the following:

  • Fear of Frying (spokesperson/media skills training)
  • Building Media Relations
  • Telling Your Story – the Art of Communication
  • Cutting Edge Media (use of the latest social media tools and techniques)
  • Critique Clinic (review and feedback on print publications and websites)
  • Boosting Your Brand
  • Obstacles and Opportunities in Communications
  • Communications Action Planning

A Communicators Institute may combine workshops of varying lengths, including some speed dating sessions in which participants move from station-to-station getting advice on specific challenges from both an expert station facilitator as well as from peers, who are also at that speed dating station. Speed dating sessions are generally 20-30 minutes each and may include 4-5 topics/stations.

The Communicators Institutes are designed to help participants to create effective communications plans, raise public awareness and visibility about their program or initiative, hone their media skills, enliven publications, …Learn More