CADCA Sustainability Institute

Campaign Consultation, Inc. was asked to facilitate The Sustainability Institute within the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) annual Mid-Year Training Institute. Designed to help increase awareness, knowledge and skills in the areas of fund raising and communication, this institute focused on the end goal of strengthening the sustainability of community-based coalitions.

This four-day institute featured workshops on topics including writing, revelry, research, resources (web, print, etc), making presentations, and visibility. Participants were encouraged to choose a specific track for the institute: fund raising or communications. Each track had three, three hour workshops. Regardless of the track they chose, participants received a manual that included the materials from all of the workshops. …Learn More

Communicators Institute

To assist constituent groups with addressing a variety of communications needs, Campaign Consultation designs and delivers day-long training events called Communicators Institutes. These events are for those engaged in any aspect of communications at an organization — from writing emails for an external audience to being interviewed by the media. The institutes can be tailored for the target audience and may include the following:

  • Fear of Frying (spokesperson/media skills training)
  • Building Media Relations
  • Telling Your Story – the Art of Communication
  • Cutting Edge Media (use of the latest social media tools and techniques)
  • Critique Clinic (review and feedback on print publications and websites)
  • Boosting Your Brand
  • Obstacles and Opportunities in Communications
  • Communications Action Planning

A Communicators Institute may combine workshops of varying lengths, including some speed dating sessions in which participants move from station-to-station getting advice on specific challenges from both an expert station facilitator as well as from peers, who are also at that speed dating station. Speed dating sessions are generally 20-30 minutes each and may include 4-5 topics/stations.

The Communicators Institutes are designed to help participants to create effective communications plans, raise public awareness and visibility about their program or initiative, hone their media skills, enliven publications, …Learn More

George Washington University Freshman Day of Service

George Washington University (GWU) annually engages its freshman class in a day of service following its Freshman Convocation. Campaign Consultation assisted the university in developing the 2013 Freshman Convocation and Day of Service by working with student and staff leaders at GWU to conduct an outreach campaign to hundreds of local nonprofits to engage more than 2,000 students in service. The Campaign Consultation staff trained student leaders in organizing the event including orienting students, managing student volunteers on site, and providing an opportunity for students to reflect on their service after the event. Campaign Consultation also developed a Twitter training designed to provide information/instructions for student leaders on how to use Twitter and Facebook to share their Freshman Day of Service story with text and photos. For students who were new to Twitter, a resource was developed to assist them in joining Twitter and sharing photos and insights about their service experience. …Learn More

National Partnership for Action

The National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities (NPA) is a national movement that aims to increase the effectiveness of health equity programs through the coordination of partners, leaders, and stakeholders committed to action.

Health disparities are differences closely linked with social, economic, and/or environmental disadvantage. Campaign Consultation Inc. is honored to serve as the communications technical assistance provider for the NPA, a collaboration of the Office of Minority Health of the US Department of Health and Human Services, a team of federal agencies known as the Federal Interagency Health Equity Team (FIHET), and ten Regional Health Equity Councils (RHEC) across the country. Campaign Consultation is providing outreach and communications support to raise awareness about health disparities among various constituent groups and potential partners.

Campaign Consultation has developed communications resources, including infographics, to help NPA partners raise awareness, educate potential leaders and partners about health disparities and the social factors that influence health. The infographics visually demonstrate how the conditions in which people live, learn, work, pray, and play influence health outcomes for specific population groups. Through our work with the Office of Minority Health, the FIHET, and RHECs, Campaign Consultation cultivates tools, materials and strategies that can be …Learn More

Promoting the Affordable Care Act through a Public Service Announcement

Campaign Consultation partnered with associates at Douglas Gould & Co. to produce a radio public service announcement (PSA) highlighting the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. The PSA aligns with the work of the Region II Health Equity Council, targeting uninsured populations in New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area with an emphasis on blue collar workers aged 35-50 years old and their families. After developing a creative concept that uses inspiring, empowering, informative, friendly and approachable language to convey messages, the PSA was recorded in a sound studio in New York City. The final product explains the excellent benefits of the new healthcare law and directs listeners to a website and hotline where they can get more information. Finally, the PSA was placed on relevant stations for both on-air and online radio streaming. The 60-second PSA is currently running on WTTH, WKXW and WRFY radio stations.  Listen below!

  …Learn More

Social Media for Government Conference

Campaign Consultation was invited back to present at the Social Media for Government Conference held in Washington, D.C. and coordinated by the Advanced Learning Institute.

Campaign Consultation Project Manager, Michelle Bond, along with Jason Scott, Training Officer/e-Learning Specialist for The Corporation for National and Community Service, presented a case study profiling VISTA’s social media journey, How to Strategically Engage Communities To Action Using Social Media. The presentation was extremely successful and received a lot of positive feedback from participants spanning various levels of government.

Campaign Consultation manages the AmeriCorps VISTA Facebook page, as well as the @VISTAbuzz Twitter handle as part of an extensive social media strategy for AmeriCorps VISTA. Campaign Consultation is also responsible for developing and delivering VISTA’s Social Media Monday webshop series. …Learn More

Social Media Mondays

Social media platforms can be powerful agents of social change, but only if their power is harnessed effectively. One component of AmeriCorps VISTA members’ service is to spread information about the fight against poverty. The AmeriCorps VISTA Social Media Monday webshops are web-based training tools that demonstrate how free social media applications can be used to create social change. These online trainings help participants to build the capacity of the organizations and communities they serve to use social media for social good; increase participants’ digital footprint; and learn about tools that can help to enhance their careers. Campaign Consultation works with technology experts and guests, who utilize these social media tools on-the-ground, to develop webshops that offer specific skills to assist AmeriCorps VISTA members in delivering their message to communities and to potential volunteers. …Learn More