Chevron Texaco Diversity Awareness Training

In 1997, Texaco, prior to its merger with Chevron, received national publicity due to a lawsuit related to remarks made by members of its management that demonstrated racial bias. Texaco hired Campaign Consultation to develop and provide training and coaching opportunities for managers and supervisors.

In addition, Campaign Consultation was hired by Chevron/Texaco to design, develop and deliver the Diversity Awareness Learning Experience to corporate executives and field employees throughout the United States. The training included such topics as:

  • Dynamics of Diversity focuses on concepts such as defining what diversity awareness is and is not, understanding the difference between intent and impact in a diversity context, and exploring the dimensions and depths of diversity.
  • Perceptions and Assumptions helps participants to explore how their past experiences help to shape their perceptions and assumptions of difference.
  • Creating Better Working Relationships provides participants with strategies to overcome issues by incorporating a value for diversity and the strengths it can bring to an organization.

As a result of the learning experience, participants gained a greater understanding and appreciation of diversity and strategies necessary to achieving a high-performing workplace. …Learn More

George Washington University Advance

In 2013, Campaign Consultation facilitated the first All Staff Advance for the Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service at the George Washington University. Through a series of activities and discussions aimed at uncovering the hidden assets of staff members, and building on past successes, Campaign Consultation supported their exploration of the university’s strategic plan, adjustment of the Center’s own plan, and strategic planning and goal setting around how current initiatives might better meet intended outcomes. …Learn More

International Multicultural Institute (iMCI)

In 2013, the National MultiCultural Institute took its mission of bringing diversity and inclusion awareness across national borders by becoming the International MultiCultural Institute (iMCI). As a member of NMCI’s faculty for over 20 years, Steven Rivelis, Campaign Consultation CEO, provided strategic assessment and communication intervention to assist iMCI in broadening its outreach efforts on an international scale. These initiatives highlighted iMCI’s position as a leader in global education, training, innovation, advocacy, and research for international matters of diversity and inclusion.

Among the trainings that Steven Rivelis provided for NMCI was the co-facilitation of a Training of Trainers/Facilitators (TOT/F) session, sponsored by Microsoft, at the National MultiCultural Institute’s Diversity Leadership Conference [November 2010]. This 3 day hands-on learning program provided the participants with an opportunity to enhance their awareness, knowledge and skills related to diversity, inclusion, cross-cultural communication, being a diversity champion, and cultural competency.

The TOT/F session focused on assessing one’s readiness to conduct diversity training, designing a diversity agenda, curriculum adaptation, and the skills required to facilitate an effective diversity learning program. The participants also received coaching tips and individual feedback.

Interested in diversity training for your company, organization or community? Steven Rivelis and other Campaign Consultation team …Learn More

Population Action International

To improve reproductive health care programs and policies in developing countries, Population Action International works with local and national leaders to advocate for family planning and access to contraception. Campaign Consultation worked with Population Action on strategic action planning, providing exercises and hosting events to stimulate creativity and team-building. These activities shifted the leveraging of human capital and the formulating of project teams, resulting in maximized resources and expertise within the organization. …Learn More

Senior Corps Virtual Conference

Senior Corps 2.0: Experience for the Future, a three-day completely virtual conference event, combined live and pre-recorded sessions as well as exhibit halls, networking opportunities, and downloadable library content. The conference provided an introduction to and training on new Performance Measures for Senior Corps grantees, staff and stakeholders of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

More than 330 pieces of content were presented to help participants successfully measure programmatic accomplishments, tell a consistent story that demonstrates program impact, connect that impact to the broader national service narrative, and build lessons to further enrich the Senior Corps knowledge network.

Campaign Consultation developed trainings to assist presenters and booth representatives with the development and delivery of their content in this new format. During this process, delivery options were identified based on desired learning objectives and capabilities of the technical platform; developed templates for all conference materials based on approved look and feel; formatted and finalized all conference materials; tested and built multiple options for delivery including polling features, forums, booth components, video, audio, learning activities and tutorials; produced audio; created original content for two sessions; coordinated production with five organizations for additional content pieces; ensured all files and deliveries were …Learn More

Washington Medical School Prepares to Serve a Diverse Population

A major goal of the University of Washington School of Medicine is to educate practitioners who will serve indigent populations. This focus of the institution means that faculty and students needed to be prepared to work with a diverse population. Campaign Consultation worked with the university to design, develop and facilitate a cultural diversity “Advance” for their diversity leadership team, comprised primarily of MDs on the medical faculty. This Advance helped the University find an opportunity to fine tune skills as well as explore effective diversity approaches and promising practices to advance the Medical School’s diversity agenda.

The University also contracted with Campaign Consultation to provide additional services in support of its efforts to create an inclusive institution and to prepare its faculty, administrators, and students to become culturally competent practitioners. This second advance was designed to recreate and build the sense of community among the leadership team; provided for intentional and meaningful community building; provided a safe forum for the leadership team to present what they’d created and accomplished; allowed for them to receive peer and issue expert feedback/tips; identified obstacles and opportunities to advance the agenda (how to get unstuck); and led to the discovery of tools, tactics …Learn More