Visualizing Health Equity Through Infographics

Health disparities are differences closely linked with social, economic, and/or environmental disadvantage. Campaign Consultation Inc. is honored to serve as the communications technical assistance provider for the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities (NPA) a collaboration of the Office of Minority Health, a team of federal agencies known as the Federal Interagency Health Equity Team, and ten Regional Health Equity Councils across the country. Campaign Consultation is providing outreach and communications support to raise awareness about health disparities among various constituent groups and potential partners.

Areas With Primary Care Shortages

Throughout the past year, Campaign Consultation has developed communications resources, including infographics, to help the NPA partners raise awareness, educate potential leaders and partners about health disparities and the social factors that influence health. These infographics visually demonstrate how the conditions in which people live, learn, work, pray, and play influence health outcomes, and link to specific population groups.

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The Strength of Our Connections

“In times of crisis a community’s integrity is measured by the strength of its connections.”

Dear Ones —

On September 11, 2001 … Linda was in New England with one of our clients and a few of our staff and associates.  I was unable to reach them.  I was a mess.

I was, however, able to reach out to family and friends, colleagues and collaborators … to check-in and connect.  We heard back from many of them, and others, who inspired us with their insights and updates.  These compelling replies were compiled into a book [click for a copy], simply titled: 9.11.01

As we approach the 10th anniversary, we invite you and others to send us your reflections and forward thinking on …

·         community and country

·         civil society and social justice

·         global interactions and global responsibilities, and

·         your dreams and desires for: What’s Next

We plan to share these replies across our networks from September 1-September 11 … as our small and simple way to strengthen our collective connections.

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Campaign Consultation Team Produce Online Veterans and Military Families Site

“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.”

-Albert Einstein

Service to others includes the men and women who have served our country in war. For those lucky enough to make it home, many have difficulty adjusting back to civilian life. To Help illustrate this reality, Henry Schuster, the producer behind this week’s “60 Minutes” reported in a blog post:

“The costs of war aren’t always obvious or immediate. A few months after I got back last year from a trip to Afghanistan, I got a call from one of the Marines with whom we were embedded. He couldn’t sleep; he was drinking heavily; was afraid he was going to kill his dog and couldn’t stop arguing with his girlfriend; he’d moved out on her and was living in the barracks. Already on what they call “a bag o’meds,” a pharmaceutical cocktail prescribed by a Navy doctor, he was clearly suffering from PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder. He didn’t want to ask anyone at his base for help because he thought it would count against him. I urged him, pleaded with him, to get help.”

To see Mr. Schuster’s full story click here

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Campaign Consultation, Inc. Partners with Global Movement Hands Across the Sand

Campaign Consultation, Inc had the honor of partnering with the recent global movement Hands Across the Sand which took place on June 26, 2010.

As the social media / viral organizer, Campaign Consultation helped turn what originated as a Florida statewide event — which included over 10,000 people on nearly 100 beaches on February 12, 2010 — into a worldwide movement with more than 100,000 participants in 901 locations.

Overall Hands Across the Sand Statistics for June 26th:

  • 901 total events organized
  • 797 events organized in the U.S. in 537 different U.S. cities
  • Events organized in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico
  • 104 events organized outside the U.S. in 37 countries
  • 42,250+ Facebook fans
  • 1,200+ Twitter followers
  • 5,000+ Flickr and Facebook photos
  • 250+ YouTube videos

Hands Across the Sand‘s message was simple. Join hands to say NO to offshore oil drilling and YES to clean energy and renewables. On June 26th, individuals gathered and drew a line in the sand against offshore oil drilling along America’s beaches and across the globe.

Steven Rivelis, CEO of Campaign Consultation, predicts that this historical event “Will be a tipping point in the advancement of a …Learn More

The Sustainability Institute: Fund Raising and Communications

In July 2010, Campaign Consultation, Inc. was asked to facilitate The Sustainability Institute within the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) annual Mid-Year Training Institute. Designed to help increase awareness, knowledge and skills in the areas of fund raising and communication, this Institute focuses on the end goal of strengthening the sustainability of community-based coalition.

This four day Institute includes workshops on several topics, including writing, revelry, research, resources (web, print, etc), making presentations, as well as visibility. Participants are encouraged to choose a specific track for the Institute: Fund Raising or Communications. Each track has a total of three three-hour workshops. Regardless of the track they choose, participants receive a manual which includes the materials from all of the workshops. …Learn More

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Read. Let’s Move. Initiative

Campaign Consultation is delivering services for Let’s Read. Let’s Move. This initiative combats childhood obesity by promoting physical activity and access to healthy, affordable food while encouraging reading over the summer in preparation for the upcoming school year. This is an intricate Administration-wide effort implemented by the Corporation for National and Community Service in collaboration with First Lady Michelle Obama and five federal agencies – Department of Education, Department of the Interior, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Agriculture and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Our services include redesigning the website, incorporating the Let’s Read. Let’s Move. section content and design and creating collateral material including posters, bookmarks, bumper stickers and a backpack design. We are busy at work developing a series of webinars for Let’s Read. Let’s Move. that will focus on summer exercise, eating healthy and reading. Stay tuned for more details as this wonderful initiative unfolds. …Learn More

Rivelis @ Playworks

Curb bullying. Reduce behavior problems. Foster social skills. Address concerns over obesity. And, have fun.

These are a few of the positive outcomes associated with the national school-based program know as Playworks. This nonprofit organization, funded in part by an $18 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supports “recess coaches” in 170 schools in the low-income areas of ten cities, including Baltimore, Boston, Washington and Los Angeles.

Campaign Consultation’s CEO – Steven Rivelis – met with the 10 executive directors from each of the Playworks cities to discuss strategies and promising practices for building effective corporate partnerships. Joining Rivelis for this exchange with the Playworks leaders were Thibault Manekin of Seawell Development Company; Paul Wolman of P.W. Feats; and Kelly Spilman of Legg Mason.

For more info on Playworks read this New York Times article: Forget Goofing Around: Recess Has a New Boss

by: Steven Rivelis, CEO …Learn More

Social Media for Social Change

Tens of thousands of people, at over 80 beaches all along the Florida coast, joined “Hands Across the Sand” in protest of pending state legislation to allow off shore oil drilling.

Campaign Consultation is proud to have organized the social media campaign and traditional media blitz for this state-wide initiative, held on February 13, 2010, which became the top story on Google News that day because of all the Facebook and Twitter traffic as well as TV/newspaper coverage.

Find at more at …join the campaign on Facebook and see one of the events held in Seaside, Florida. …Learn More

Happy Birthday Dr. King!

10,000 + National Projects in your Honor

Hundreds of thousands of Americans in all 50 states participated in over 10,000 projects, making Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service 2010 truly “a day on, not a day off”. Projects included delivering meals, school and community beautification, food and clothing collection, activities with children, etc.

Working with the Corporation for National and Community Service, Campaign Consultation provided on-the-ground projects with instruction/ project support services such as weekly webinars, online Memos in addition to social media. E-Reporters and e-Photographers were recruited and trained by Campaign Consultation in the use of Twitter, Flickr and YouTube to further promote MLK Day 2010. The volunteers provided real-time, from the field, hourly updates on MLK Day activities all across the nation. Dr. King would be pleased with the project response..

For more information, click to view the recent press release from CNCS. …Learn More