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A product of Campaign Consultation, the concept of LLIFE ™ Living Legacy Initiative for Entrepreneurs – emerged when Steven and Linda Brown Rivelis were in Prague and coverage over Warren Buffet giving $32 billion to the Gates Foundation erupted on all news outlets.  They witnessed firsthand the international brouhaha regarding Buffet’s philosophy that “giving is every person’s responsibility”.   It occurred to them – separate from organization mission or departmental goals – a singularly focused service, dedicated to the individual entrepreneur to achieve their personal philanthropic passion, could fulfill a need.

Then seven months later, Campaign Consultation was named one of the top 100 inner city companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine.  Shortly after a Harvard symposium and award ceremony, Inc. Magazine asked Campaign Consultation to present on corporate citizenship at their Inc. 500 conference with founders and CEOs of such companies as Newman’s Own, Burt’s Bees, Honest Tea and Under Armor.  As if to confirm Linda and Steven’s earlier hunch, private business owners began asking for help to map their personal philanthropic initiatives.   Thanks to Buffet, Gates and feedback from many business leaders, Campaign Consultation founded LLIFE ™.

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Food Philanthropy

A recent article in Food and Wine Magazine highlights how several restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area are giving back to those in need.  Commonwealth will donate $10 to a local nonprofit voted on by consumers for every tasting menu purchased.  Pizzaiolo opens his doors as a community kitchen once a month to those who cannot afford food.  And, 4505 Meats teaches butchering to recovering addicts, ex-offenders, and the homeless.  With these unique approaches, each restaurant is giving back in a different way.  What new way can you use to give back in your community? …Learn More

Gates and Buffet Philanthropic Challenge in China

New York Times – Asia Pacific reports on Warren Buffet’s and Bill Gates’ worldwide challenge at a dinner in Beijing, China to convince billionaires to give away their wealth in their lifetimes.

Details are found in the link below. Here are some bullet points:

• Gates and Buffet declared the dinner a success saying 2/3 of invitees attended

• Their goal was to get attendees to take a pledge to donate their fortunes to charity within their lifetimes

• One Chinese billionaire joined them in saying he would do so. As a result, 41 of the wealthiest worldwide have made the pledge.

• Buffet and Gates said they would not do follow-up calls in China, as they had after previous dinners. “What happens in China (philanthropically) is up to the Chinese.”

• They said the guests at the Beijing dinner asked similar questions to those heard in the U.S.

• One reason for philanthropic hesitancy is attributed to the fact that the majority of the wealth in China has occurred in the past 30 years. It’s usually a challenge for the first generation of wealth in any culture to grasp their role in philanthropy.

View the article here.

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