SPENT: Poverty? Homeless? Hungry?

But For The Grace Of God Go Thee

Poverty, homelessness and food security affect many more people than most of us would believe: In 2009, 50 million Americans had difficulty securing adequate food for their families.

And, many of us are one step closer to these conditions than most of us would want to believe.

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Homeless Person’s Memorial Day

On December 21st each year in Baltimore and other major cities around the United States memorial services are held to honor the names and celebrate the memories of the men and women who have passed away while experiencing homelessness in the past year.

This year I attended the memorial service in Baltimore held in the Inner Harbor Amphitheater. Here gathered a group of people currently experiencing homelessness, advocacy groups, non-profit representatives, formerly homeless individuals, and random passersby on a chilly winter night. The event is held on December 21st each year as this is the first day of winter and the longest night of the year. It marks the beginning of a particularly rough season for one without shelter.

There were 87 names read at the memorial service of those lost in Baltimore this year that were known by homeless service providers to have experienced homelessness. Speckled throughout the reading of the names, stories about those who were lost were told to give the attendees a sense of who these people were and the affect their lives had on those around them. Songs were song, candles were lit in the shoes of those lost, and a prayer was offered as …Learn More