Code for America

Code for America … recruit fellows and upon cities’ application/invitation disperses coders to local governments.

Cody Johnson states, “Code for America is not just about coding, but rewiring society.” This movement is where the physical needs of regions, towns, cities and other local governments meet the digital support.

Government is a platform to help one another and with digital support, it can operate more efficiently according to the following stories which appeared on a Ning.

Citizens contact a Ning and have anonymous Samaritans provide advice saving call center cost and delays:

There’s a possum in my house … Advice: Turn on music real loud and open all the doors. Possum left.

There’s a possum in my trash can … Can’t tell if alive or dead … Any one help? Action: Neighbor walked over took off the lid and laid can on its side … Possum left.

Fire hydrant app developed for Boston to recover fire hydrants buried by snow. Ask people to dig out.

Tsunami sirens batteries removed by local folk from Hawaii; app developed to locate non-functional sirens

App developed to locate children on school buses stuck in snow that parents can access app instead of calling a command center, waiting for free operator, who finds and reads out location.

7 ways to help government

1. Go into public service … Treat Gov agency as a start up
60% of local employees retiring in 2015 … Great opp

2. Build civic start-ups

3. Help with programming … Cut costs in time and money spent

4. Join Code America … Ask your City to join

5. Making more gov data available … Show how you could help with data

6. … I want to hack in. Kevin Curry and Jack Madden

7. Live like a citizen … Pull weeds, pick up trash