Digital Capital Week

Danielle Ricks, Campaign Consultation’s Social Media Specialist, is attending Digital Capital Week, a 10-day festival focused on technology, innovation and all things digital. Danielle is thrilled to attend, focusing on absorbing information that will be used to help further the technology of Campaign Consultation as well as our clients and collaborators.

Organizers Peter Corber of iStrategy Labs, along with Frank Gruber and Jen Consalvo of Shiny Heart Ventures, are providing attendees with an overlapping mix of information sessions, panels, hands on workshops and informal gatherings known as “unconferences”. The idea behind Digital Capital Week is to strengthen the capital region’s digital economy with a focus on creativity, technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, content creation and innovation.

Opening night included an interactive “thankful for gratitude graffiti wall” presented by DCWEEK co-producer Shiny Heart Ventures, asking attendees what they were thankful for about in DC. This quickly became a focal point of the evening.

On Saturday afternoon, the City Camp DC “unconference” accomplished much the DC Week’s mission. Attendees heard from City Officials who were looking for new ways to use technology to support everything from transportation needs as well as ways to reach out to the DC arts community. Danielle is looking forward to attending more panels and events.

In addition to being our Social Media Specialist, Danielle Ricks is a part of the DC Tech community. She helped develop these programs that will reach far beyond the 10-day festival.

For a complete overview of Digital Capital Week click below:

Digital Capital Week Overview

Posted by:  Danielle Ricks, Social Media Specialist