Final Words on A Productive Journey to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Beijing

So get this — I land in Baltimore this past Tuesday after my travels to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Beijing followed by some time off in Florida.  What do I see in the hallway exiting the airport?!!!

An ad for Taiwan!  So I’ve included a picture of the promotion which shows athletes ready to race and says “Taiwan on The Starting Line!” with “Ready Set Go” and “TODAY’S TAIWAN”.

I am now, forever, joyfully sensitized and captivated by anything or anybody remotely related to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing and the rest of China! I stop dead in my tracks to absorb information.

Thank you for following this philanthropic delegation journey to these locales.  This will be my final posting on this blog subject.  However, I have also included photos and captions of activities conducted after our 8 hour days of meetings – i.e., eating, shopping, traveling, touring, etc.

And for all my new friends halfway around the world, I am very serious … if any of you are traveling in the US; please include a visit with me and Campaign Consultation.  Until then … best wishes for 2009 celebrated in U.S. on Dec. 31 and in China on Jan. 26!