Gaming as Change Maker

My morning session at SXSW (SRivelis):

Explorer and environmentalist Philippe Cousteau and panelists explore how gaming innovations can improve the world.

In 2010, The University of Virginia launched the UVA Bay Game, a large-scale game simulation of the Chesapeake Bay watershed that allows players to take the roles of various stakeholders (farmers, developers, policy makers) and to see how their choices affect the health and economy of the watershed. Since its launch, Cousteau’s Azure Worldwide has collaborated on the game’s development.

From college courses and virtual classrooms to corporate board rooms and Capitol Hill, the potential impact of the game has intrigued legislators, corporate leaders and other stakeholders.

Panelists discuss: How can games/simulations allow a variety of stakeholders to solve complex problems? Can games not only create solutions but also create new ways of thinking and interaction? What applications does the UVA Bay Game have outside of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed?

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