SXSW Campaign Consultation’s Signature Event – Geek the Cause

Thanks to the several dozen of you who loaned knowledge and skills at the Geek the Cause event last night. Truly, with all the SXSW party activity, that you devoted an evening making a better world, is laudable. In summary, attending geeks represented families, high schools, tequila businesses, colleges, design businesses, non profits, programmers, etc.

This being our first Geek the Cause event, you took a chance on us and we’re so glad you did! I was pleased to learn two people double-parked in front of our Austin offices to check us out first, liked what they saw and decided to stay. Some participants forewarned us that they couldn’t remain too long as they had out of town company. After conferring, two of the three remained and rejoined the small group action discussions.

Keep your group’s momentum going. Stay in touch. We’ll work to keep in touch with you. Use the Geek the Cause Facebook page. On behalf of Eye Byte Solutions and Campaign Consultation, we enjoyed meeting you … Let’s bring others together to affect more change next year!

Best regards,