Geek-the-Cause Event at SXSW Paves Path for Social Change

Attendees Participate in Mini-Hackathon Event to Advance Social Causes

Designers, developers, and social entrepreneurs joined forces in Austin on Sunday, March 11 during the SXSW Interactive Festival for Geek-the-Cause. The mini-hackathon brought together some of the world’s top creative minds and forward thinkers to forge innovative strategies for addressing today’s complex and compelling social causes.

“Geek-the-Cause paves new paths to address and advance important social causes,” said Linda Brown Rivelis, President of Eye Byte Solutions, LLC and Campaign Consultation, Inc., which hosted the event. “Now, we’ll get these fresh ideas in front of the right people. And, the Geek the Cause teams will be part of the effort to help move these strategic solutions forward.”

The event challenged interactive “geeks” to apply their expertise to social causes. From motivated high-schoolers to impassioned CEOs, some 30 people donated a combined 90 hours to address important social concerns. Attendees focused on: engaging girls of color in technology fields, improving education by supporting teachers, and eliminating food waste through better management of donations.

With President Obama’s recent spotlight on jobs creation, three Geek-the-Cause teams—independent of one another— developed a package of ideas and innovative strategies to help girls of color contribute to technical fields. Collectively, the plans propose actions to form strategic partnerships and to engage and support girls and their families from middle-school through their career placement and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Representation from universities, a digital strategist, an international craft Tequila manufacturer, government contractors, community partners, social media specialists, web designers, and social change professionals contributed to Geek-the-Cause. Staff from the co-host organizations – Campaign Consultation and Eye Byte Solutions – will work with these individuals and others groups to grow the seeds planted at the event for implementation by aligned non-profits throughout the year.

To read more about the event and to join this social cause effort, visit: @CampaignConsult; @EyeByteSolution;; or

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