Diversity Awareness

“Thank you for participating as a facilitator at the fall 2010 Diversity Leadership Conference, Navigating Differences in a Changing World: Dialogues on Diversity, Culture, and Identity. Nearly 200 people attended portions or all of this year’s conference, which included many first. There is much for which we can be proud, including your workshop, Training of Trainers I: Facilitating Diversity Awareness Workshops

Here are a few responses from participants:

  • “The most effective part of the day was ‘learning new strategies from Steven'”
  • “Steven is an awesome facilitator”
  • “The workshop ‘has given me the inspiration to go out and change the world…one person at a time!'”
  • “I especially applaud the facilitators for their adeptness, sensitivity, and skill in handling a difficult situation”
  • “The conflict was handled with ‘deftness, dignity, and respect'”

Diversity Awareness Participants