Good morning!

It’s Sat., 7:00am – heading to Taipei Airport … Bound for HK …

Recap on Producing Proposals That Work presentation in Taiwan … Very honored that NTHU Secretary Wang and President Chang and other leaders, professors and students attended this session, especially on a Friday afternoon at 3:00pm. About 100 business cards with the traditional translation were clipped to invitations urging attendees to visit Campaign Consultation in Baltimore and seemed to be appreciated.

The presentation generated good follow-up discussion about a NTHU alumni mailing producing less than stellar response to gymnasium campaign. We did some idea sharing about …

Segmenting donor/alumni base into giving levels

Establishing giving level volunteer teams
to Identify and solicit likely prospects

Tailoring and implementing appropriate approach methodologies

We continued a more specific discussion at dinner that night where I learned about NTHU’s muti-million corporate partnering. This company funded a building for students’ knowledge-expansion and also shares the space for some teaching/research purposes. NTHU is wonderfully positioned in the heart of a “Silicon Valley” location to attract the imagination of many such successful entrepreneurs.

Conversation turned to their next campaign for a state-of-the-art Gymnasium. Here’s a smattering of what we discussed:

Get started — some fundraising techniques may not produce desired results, but one has to begin somewhere!

Seek advice and thereby “buy-in” from past major gift supporters to provide their ideas and assistance for design and development undertakings in program, capital and philanthropic initiatives

Link respected celebrities to a major campaign who have a vested interest

Develop a Campaign brand for use on stationery, signage, note pads, etc.

Develop a gift range chart to compartmentalize a fundraising campaign into discreet categories which makes any undertaking more digestible

Speaking of digestion, every bite from this delectable dinner of at least 2 dozen dishes was delectable. I only wished I was Orson Welles so I could keep eating. Ha!

Next – Hong Kong!

Linda Brown Rivelis, CFRE