Hackathon for Social Change

Hackathons – gatherings for social change:

This week at SXSW we – Campaign Consultation, Inc and Eye Byte Solutions – hosted “Geek the Cause” …

Our mini-hackathon was a gathering of forward thinkers and creatives who worked all night to forged innovative strategies for addressing some of today’s most complex social issues.

Hackathons are evolving: from a room filled only with coders and software developers, to rooms full of social innovators — developers, designers, planners, journalists, civic leaders and more — coming together to address pressing social issues (transportation, community development, energy use, jobs, etc).

This exciting cross-professional, discipline and community process has the potential to produce and sustain groundbreaking social change ideas and interventions.

This morning at SXSW, I attended a session on how to the leverage these geek-fests of technology experts, social profit organizations, government, businesses to kick-start change-making movements in communities and cities.

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