Observations of Life in Orissa, India

This spring I traveled to India to build an educational partnership with a school in the state of Orissa.  India is multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural.  It is economically, politically and educationally diverse.  With a per capita income of around US$ 250, Orissa ranks as India’s second poorest state in a generally poor country.  The population is mostly rural, with eighty-seven percent or around thirty-seven million people living in undeveloped rural areas.

Over a quarter of the Orissa’s population consists of indigenous tribal communities. Even though the Indian government has enacted both protective measures and affirmative action policies to assist tribal members, these isolated communities still suffer from the greatest of poverty’s ills.

I’ll be posting what life looks like for many of the people in Orissa, in the following areas:

  • Poverty and Hunger
  • Universal Primary Education
  • Gender Equity
  • Child Mortality
  • Maternal Health
  • HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases
  • Environmental Stability
  • Global Partnerships

Stay tuned to learn more about these topic areas.

Two women walking along a road in a rural part of India.

Posted by: Sharon Rabb, Project Specialist