About You

You are about to tackle a need you’ve been aware of for some time. You realize it’s time to bite the bullet and take your initiative to the next level. You want …

  • to work with a group who respects your past work and builds upon it
  • a unique approach to change, not a cookie cutter campaign
  • people who can take a big goal and break it down into small action steps
  • a consultant group that helps you accomplish goals, not just tells you how

Here are a few golden nuggets that clients and collaborators have said about working with us.

About Us

Founded in 1988, Campaign Consultation is comprised of a diverse team of collaborators that use respect and our acumen for strategic action to implement change with entrepreneurial vigor.

The Team presents professional expertise in the following conveyors of change:

  • Community Development
  • Corporate Citizenship/Individual Social Responsibility
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • International Development
  • Fundraising/Sustainability
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Media, Marketing, & Social Media
  • Organizational Development
  • Public Policy

Career Opportunities


Corporate Headquarters

Campaign Consultation, Inc.
1001 North Calvert Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202 USA

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