The Art of Powerful Presentations

Here are a few golden nuggets from one of our workshops called “The Art of Powerful Presentations”:

“Fun to participate and overcome our public speaking anxieties”


“Very encouraging!”

“Very interactive! Loved it!”

“I found this course extremely useful.”

“Being able to not only speak in front of everyone, we were able to watch others speak, and were able to critique and see what to do and what not to do” …Learn More

Hands on Network

Just a quick note of appreciation for your support and expert facilitation of the Affiliate Assembly. You really helped us get off on the right foot and set the right tone for our work together with this group. I really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to our continued work together. …Learn More

On-The-Go eTA

For four years, On-The-Go eTA served as a “drive thru” window for receiving easily absorbed capacity building information.

  • “I just wanted you to know that you will be missed. I looked forward to reading each issue because the topics were always practical, relevant and useful.”
  • …Learn More

Fund Raising & Communications

Here are a few golden nuggets from one of our workshops called “Fund Raising & Communications”:

  • “Fabulous organization & handout!”
  • “Well prepared and delivered!”
  • “Very relevant info and real life examples!”
  • “Great delivery & dynamic presenters!”
  • “Very inspiring and thought provoking – great motivation to improve the work of our coalition!”
  • …Learn More

Squeezing the Best from Special Events

Here are a few golden nuggets from one of our workshops called “Squeezing the Best from Special Events”:

  • “Presenters are fantastic!”
  • “Presenter has experience & an excellent way of articulating it!”
  • “Great, inspiring, empowering!”
  • “The presenter is able to draw upon her personal experience very well. The handouts are helpful here and will prove to continue being helpful at home.”
  • “Fun, interesting, engaging!”
  • …Learn More

MLK Day of Service

National Grantee & Strategic Partner Planning Meeting

“Thank you for making today possible and successful … Having your steady competence and brilliance is both necessary and valued.” …Learn More

Diversity Awareness

“Thank you for participating as a facilitator at the fall 2010 Diversity Leadership Conference, Navigating Differences in a Changing World: Dialogues on Diversity, Culture, and Identity. Nearly 200 people attended portions or all of this year’s conference, which included many first. There is much for which we can be proud, including your workshop, Training of Trainers I: Facilitating Diversity Awareness Workshops

Here are a few responses from participants:

  • “The most effective part of the day was ‘learning new strategies from Steven’”
  • “Steven is an awesome facilitator”
  • “The workshop ‘has given me the inspiration to go out and change the world…one person at a time!’”
  • “I especially applaud the facilitators for their adeptness, sensitivity, and skill in handling a difficult situation”
  • “The conflict was handled with ‘deftness, dignity, and respect’”
  • …Learn More

Web Wizard

Here are a few golden nuggets from one of our workshops called “Web Wizard”:

  • “Loved how presenter used tangible multimedia pieces and group feedback. Excellent!”
  • “Very personable and encouraging – encourages participation from audience – active!”
  • “Great presentation. Compassionate and knowledgeable”
  • “Great workshop! Awesome suggestions & tips!”
  • “This was one of the best tracks I have taken at CADCA! I loved the personal involvement with each coalition!”
  • …Learn More

Finding Dollars in your Community

Here are a few golden nuggets from one of our workshops called “Finding Dollars in your Community”:

  • “Great energy, explanations and stories!”
  • “Very engaging!”
  • “Excellent workshop! Great information and tips to take home!”
  • “[Facilitator’s] passion is contagious!”
  • “Clear, concise, specific information! It is a wonderful course! Thank you!!!”
  • …Learn More

Social Media Monday

Social Media Monday (SMM) webshops are offered each month to provide members, sponsors, community leaders, alumni, and others with hands-on access to social media applications to learn how to strategically use these tools to create social change. Here is what some participants have to say about these webshops:

  • “You did a fantastic job today, thanks for sharing your social media planning skills.”
  • “Thanks for the SSM Webshop! This was our first one and we can’t wait for the next one.”
  • “Thanks! I shared the webshop w/my members. Is there a calendar of these webinars posted somewhere so we can plan better?”
  • “TY for the tips”
  • …Learn More