VISTA Notebook

Members of AmeriCorps VISTA tirelessly advocate for poverty awareness and alleviation. Developing an effective plan with limited time and resources can be a daunting task. Campaign Consultation developed the “VISTA Notebook” in order to assist AmeriCorps VISTA members in shaping their self-assisted planning guide. Members are provided with an interactive and comprehensive package of brainstorming tips. They are given room to identify key stakeholders in their community, expand upon current tactics for lasting impact, and reflect on their experiences as an AmeriCorps VISTA. …Learn More

Producing Proposals that Work!

Major donors are constantly flooded with funding proposals. What makes one proposal stand out above the rest? Campaign Consultation, with support from the Corporation for National and Community Service, designed “Producing Proposals That Work!” to help users identify key points to be addressed in their donor proposals. This interactive tool provides process assistance, brainstorming tips, and helpful statistics–all from the point of view of a prospective funding source. Users learn how to make their proposals stay at the top of the pile. …Learn More

Building Your Case for Support

In today’s world of information saturation, a concise message can be the most profound form of communication with the public. Campaign Consultation, with support from the Corporation for National and Community Service, developed Building Your Case For Support, an interactive online tool that helps users craft a thought-provoking case for support. Whether an organization is starting with a clean slate or revising an existing communications strategy, this guide offers methods for developing a motivational message to potential donors of time, funding, and support. …Learn More

Edmonds Community College Training Manual

Edmonds Community College hosts a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff. One identified goal was to strengthen this community connection. In 2012, Campaign Consultation developed a half-day session focused on understanding cultural perceptions and building effective cross-cultural relationships, as part of Edmonds three-day Diversity Learning Experience for the college’s leadership. To support the session and provide participants with materials that would be useful beyond the workshop, Campaign Consultation produced a comprehensive training manual with diversity facts, exercises and training tools. …Learn More

GWU Twitter Training Tools

The George Washington University’s Freshman Day of Service is the largest single day of collegiate service in the nation. In order to support the GWU Office of Civic Engagement and Public Service, Campaign Consultation designed and delivered a Twitter training for Student Leaders. This training was designed to provide information and instructions on how Student Leaders could use social media effectively to share their Freshman Day of Service story through words and photos. Additional materials were created to assist students in joining Twitter and sharing photos and insights about their service experience. …Learn More

VISTA Digital Archives

In preparation for VISTA’s 50th Anniversary, Campaign Consultation created a digital archive of over 3,000 photos, videos and audio recordings, which represents VISTA’s 50 years at the forefront of America’s movement to end poverty.

Most of us have old photos or videos lying around in our basement or closet, but few of us do anything with them beyond giving them the occasional glance. Yet, they contain a wealth of potential, especially in the age of technology.

To this aim, Campaign Consultation digitized, cataloged and tagged 3,291 photos, videos and audio recordings, breathing new life into a valuable resource. The archival database was created with the intention of being easily searchable and filterable according to 16 key identifiers, so that users could find any type of photo. The VISTA digital archives contain a wealth of multimedia which have the potential of bolstering any outreach and marketing campaign, especially one centered around a 50th anniversary. Learn more about the VISTA Digital Archives and check out our Prezi! …Learn More

SIF Communications Toolkit

The Social Innovation Fund Intermediary and Subgrantee Communications Toolkits were designed to assist SIF grantees in sharing the story of the SIF programs’ impact. Campaign Consultation developed the toolkits to include templates and materials that are general and customizable so they can be adapted to suit the communications strategies of each grantee. …Learn More

SIF Sustainability Tools

Through the Social Innovation Fund, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) partners with experienced grantmakers to identify and scale effective community-driven solutions. In order to help grantees explore the challenges and opportunities associated with growing and sustaining successful solutions Campaign Consultation developed tips and tools to guide SIF grantees in the following areas:

  • Crafting Your Case for Support
  • The “Five I’s” of Development
  • The Six Principles of Powerful Presentations
  • Partnerships & Collaboration Success Factors
  • Tips for Cultivating Stakeholders into Champions
  • …Learn More

On the Go eTA

Great ideas for sustainability initiatives come from many different places. An email may provide the perfect inspiration for reaching potential volunteers, donors, and collaborators. Campaign Consultation, in conjunction with the Corporation for National and Community Service, created “On-The-Go! eTA,” an electronic newsletter offering sustainability tips and tricks. Each edition was sent directly to users’ inboxes and aimed to stimulate ideas surrounding communication, fundraising, and volunteer management, providing examples and resources for further investigation. …Learn More

Business World Traveler’s Kit

Successful partnerships can move mountains. What is the most effective way to build a strategic alliance? Campaign Consultation, created the “Business World Travel Kit” to help nonprofits open the correct doors to exciting new partnerships. This interactive tool provides users with brainstorming tools to maximize information exchange between nonprofits and potential business partners. It offers tips and methods to assist users in creating, building, and sustaining healthy strategic alliances. …Learn More