Sharing Our Stories

In November and December, many of you followed our President, Linda Brown Rivelis, and CEO, Steven Rivelis, on their 60 day journey around the globe. You saw their incredible pictures, and read about their phenomenal journey. But what you may not know are the things that came after.

At our annual Give 5 event—where our team gathered, put our heads together, and decided what social causes to support with 5% of Campaign Consultation’s profits — the Rivelis’ also gave us each a gift. Every team member was awarded a voucher to contribute to travel costs to a unique destination, with one stipulation: we had to go to a place we’d never before been. Since then, many of us have taken trips that we may have never taken.

We are excited about this incredible opportunity and want to share our journeys with you. Throughout the year, expect to see short snippets of the places we have visited. Stay tuned to see our photos, aha moments, and/or links to cool things to do at the places we have visited.

-The Campaign Consultation Team