Success and Showing Up

Even under the weather, and in less than favorable whether, it’s hard no to be mesmerized by all that SXSW has to offer. Creative minds, causes, and technology in a blender can result in innovation at every turn.

Amidst an endless stream of tweet-able anecdotes, here are a few standbys around which your next big idea might just hatch…

Do Your Research: Collecting numbers and stories can really help you hit the mark when the time comes to nail your strategic communications.

Timing is Everything: Get out in front of anything you can. Paid work, pro-bono work, good work – and be positioned for the minute when momentum is with you.

FOCUS (right here): your productivity will thank you for it. Take one minute and hour to ask yourself, “Am I doing what I most need to be doing right now?” This self-check makes you aware of how you are spending your time, if it’s working, and what you could be doing differently to accomplish all you want to.

Community Building (is about community after all): Why should users engage with you? People are more likely to act when there is a high probability of success. What can you give people to make them feel they’ve succeeded, contributed? Be very clear about what you want, make it easy, and ask.

– Michelle