SXSW Designing in Flash

The following recap is a layperson’s translation in an attempt to understand concepts … double-check veracity and feel free to edit these points.

Flash is useful in design for trade show kiosks, inboard dash systems, etc.

1. Flash is not going away immediately. HTML5 not done yet. Utility as a tool is so vast, nothing to replace yet.

2. Do not build web-based sites using Flash alone

3. Do not build out in Flash behind the HTML page. User will only get one page of content which is not enough information.

4. Accessibility is key … Flash can take too much time to load for bells and whistles or embedded Flash video player … User goes elsewhere

5. Other Software: Word Flex … Ajack … Jaws … Adobe Edge, HTML5, etc. Technology will continue to advance as more products are added to this list. However, users’ actual accessibility will lag.

Universal Design (aka 508)

The term “Universal Design” reflects a good business mindset that with 2% extra effort the site will have clean codes, ease in maintenance and better compatibility with search engines. All of these business benefits while doing the right thing in making the site accessible to all people, with and without disabilities.

CAG AA standard (used in China and ratified by European countries) is a refreshed standard and will eventually replace the USA’s 508 standard