SXSW Interactive – Social Media Marketing for Your Business Takeaways

Why use Social Media?

  • Easy way to receive recognition with a wide audience
  • Quickly reach a large amount of people
  • Create and / or improve reputation
  • Enhance credibility
  • Attract evangelists
  • Public relations
  • Link attraction
  • Traffic

The #1 thing to do is to locate your audience.

When someone comes to your website, where did they come from?
Find out where your traffic is coming from by using Google Analytics.

What is your niche?
Own it and find and connect with others in your niche.
Stay current with what is happening.
Get involved.

Set up Google Alerts.

Set an alert for your company name.
In addition, set up alerts for your competitors.

If you want to know how something is working, ask your audience.
They are the trusted ones. Ask.

Create a blog and network.
Create a blog using Word Press or Blogger.
Find other blogs that are doing similar niches.
Connect and leave comments.
Build relationship.

MySpace is still good for local businesses and musicians.

Search for niche social networks.
Join the conversation and add value.

Suggestion: Google your niche and “social network.”

Online video is an excellent way to be searched and gain traffic.
YouTube is the #2 search engine.
Create short, bite sized video clips.
Funny and cute videos are popular as well.

Do everything you can to get people back to your website.
Include URL in the title. Place it in the description. Everywhere.

Don’t forget forums.
These are very under-noted due to not being very sexy and are considered old.
They hold valuable information and you can easily find niche groups.

Yahoo Answers is another great way to “find niche.”
Ranks well on search engines due to being Yahoo.
Need to build a reputation by answering questions.
Can lead to a touch point and new traffic. You become the industry leader.

Social news and bookmarking sites
Another way to consider getting traffic back to your website.
The speaker did say this only works for a small percentage of traffic.

Tip: Be more social.

StumbleUpon and Groups
Check out what is active.

Find out what people are talking about.

More tips:

  • Be sure to add your “social” links to your signature on all emails.
  • Add your social network to your mailing list and newsletters.
  • Be sure to create a loop back to all your social sites and websites.
  • Once you find your niche communities – get involved!
  • Jump on news and trends. What’s going on in the past 24 hours.
  • Talking about current topics can greatly increase your traffic.
  • Humor also works great.

by: Stephanie Ross, e-Project Specialist