SXSW Voting is Live!

We Need Your Vote

We left the 2012 SXSW conference feeling inspired.  Over the past several weeks, our team members have been working hard to prepare presentations on some of the hottest topics in marketing, social media, design and virtual conferences to present at SXSW 2013.  But we need your votes.  We want to make your SXSW experience an even better one.

So how do we get picked? That’s where you come in.  A portion of the selection process relies on fans like you.

How do I vote? It’s simple.  All you need to do is sign-up for an account.  It’s free, takes about five minutes, and is easy to do.  Voting takes place from August 13 – August 31.

What am I voting for? Here are our ideas:·

  • Michelle Bond, Vice President, Campaign Consultation, Inc.; Jasmine Touton, Project Specialist, Campaign Consultation, Inc.  – “Infusing Reality Into Virtual Conferencing” Virtual conferences; you’ve heard of them, but do you want to adopt them? Can they replace the plush carpet designs, free-flowing happy hours, and joyful fist bumps at in-person conferences? Maybe not, but there is an industry of startups and old hands in the virtual conference world jockeying to bring you simple, satisfying, and reality-distorting virtual conference spaces. Discover the major players and supporting cast of the virtual conference tech companies, and how they’re struggling with making what’s virtual, real across multiple sectors. Absorb how Virtual Event Managers are working with the old guard of event planners, consultants and clients to bring virtual events to life. Vote here:
  • Danielle, Social Media Specialist, Campaign Consultation, Inc.  – “Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down”  When you decide to get into the world of social media, you have to take the good and the bad. But what happens when social media does go bad? How do you deal with people who are disappointed, upset or unhappy, and use social media as a convenient platform to vent their frustrations? If you are not prepared to deal with criticism and if you don’t have a strategy, you could find yourself in a world of trouble. This session will deal with how to listen to what is being said and acknowledge feedback, complaints and issues in a timely fashion. Attendees will be given a high profile company and a “disaster” scenario that gets played out in social media. The audience would then be asked to come up with a “recovery” plan that includes the appropriate responses to quiet the online storm while still keeping the integrity of the brand. At the end of the work session, an open discussion will help individuals walk through potential time-bombs and give clear ways to manage negative feedback. Vote here:

Don’t forget Eye Byte. While you’re at it, vote for Eye Byte Solutions. They have some great ideas on branding and design.  Check them out:·

  • Linda Brown Rivelis, President, Eye Byte Solutions – Integral Sensory Branding  … Nail Your Competitive Edge!” Integral Sensory Branding will build your awareness, skills and knowledge of how to seamlessly integrate these sensors in the fabric of your established business, nonprofit or agency.   Also, because sensory branding is rarely consciously integrated, you’ll have a subtle competitive advantage for retaining and attracting more customers, clients and employees by tapping into the sensors of eye, mouth, ear, nose and touch.   This interactive workshop presents an information digest with large and small group discussions. Vote here:

  • Abby Townsend, Vice President, Eye Byte Solutions, LLC – “Use Your Psychic Superpowers for Good!” Telepathy could be your new favorite creative tool.“Communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception.” ( Sounds handy, right? Designers and problem-solvers often seem capable of some kind of ESP (Extrasensory Perception). Expand your noggin with subconscious-noodle-tapping tricks to help you discern what’s in a client’s head, navigate underlying group dynamics, and come up with ideas that resound on a deeper level. Vote here:

Thank you. Thank you for your support.  We look forward to seeing you at SXSW 2013!